Bruno E. and Coletivo Superjazz ‎– São Paulo Jazz Rebels

Sunday Jazz Continues! I mean,  besides gospel music what other music should you listen to on a Sunday besides jazz?

The madness continues!! interrupted by this Thanksgiving Day holiday weekend? naw!! from the French Quarter in New Orleans on over to the  London Bridge jokers will spaz…

The madness continues!! from the Bayou Classic to Boris Johnson vs Jeremy Corbyn blame is caste, jokers / comedians razz; pundits / experts caste opinions on networks..

We’re back with this, so what it do? classic material is dropped!! this  is how we’re responding!! riding in with the winds of change blowing on this first day of December!! it’s still fall but  winter storms delay flights through these networks..

We’re back with this even though I mentioned / told y’all  some will be stuck in traffic trying to make it home after the holidays…

We’re back with this even though naysayers will say we’re stuck on these mathematics!! told homie this is the real deal, this is how a dude plays!!

…plus a dude plays that good music!! at the moment listening to Bruno E. and Coletivo Superjazz with a track called São Paulo Jazz Rebels..

Check the attitude displayed, check out the players and the good music played!! from Sao Paulo Brazil to Louisville to Atlanta it’s going down understand a brotha? spiritual revolutions are started by these jazz rebels!!

Check this out at Bruno E. and Coletivo Superjazz ‎– São Paulo Jazz Rebels

Author: omanxl1

just a brotha dabbling in music, sports, politics and other spices of life...

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