Soul and Funk Classics Mix 2019 – MikeandTess (Funky Vibes UK Guest Sessions)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Throwback Thursday; check this out, retro-futuristic is how the work will be..

What it do? those that hate are rigging elections and overriding vetoes like the GOP in North Carolina, but you’ll find a brotha making breakbeat scientific moves; that’s how the work will be..

What it do? who’ll work with me? I’m all about action, no time to debate like Democrats down in Houston..

Just left from down their per my Gulf Coast / I-10 Meandering; these fanatics aren’t understanding, now down I-20 in Atlanta is where we’re cruising.

Choosing this assignment, per the Friday / Saturday full moon in Piscesplanets will be in alignment; during the ongoing crisis? we’re O-Dog Day Partying!! listening to Soul and Funk Classics Mix 2019 – MikeandTess (Funky Vibes UK Guest Sessions)

Choosing this assignment!! let the music play is the motto!! it’s going down from London to Paris to here in Atlanta!! check the playlist and the mix to understand where a brotha is coming from!! funky drumming during these sessions!!

MikeandTess FVUK Guest Mix


1 – Chidish Gambino – redbone (mikeandtess bootleg mix)
2 – The Dells – love on (mikeandtess edit 4 mix)
3 – Deodatto – just this one night (mikeandtess edit 4 mix)
4 – Teddy Pendergrass – close the door (mikeandtess edit 4 mix)
5 – Bill Conti – you take my breath away (mikeandtess edit 4 mix)
6 – Ashford & Simson – solid (mikeandtess edit 4 mix)
7 – Stevie Wonder – i wish (mikeandtess edit 4 mix)
8 – Garfield Fleming – don’t you send me away (mikeandtess edit 4 mix)
9 – Bruno Mars – chunky (mikeandtess edit 4 mix)
10 – Daft Punk – lose yourself to dance (mikeandtess edit 4 mix)
11 – Kurtis Blow – the breaks (mikeandtess edit 4 mix)

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