SOUL FUNK 60’s 70’s

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Throwback Thursday; excuse us, but this is how the work will be…

Real digital crate digging on these menus; throwbacks from back in the day?  this is how the work will be…

Some are digging what’s on these menus, it’s that real music; hate to sound like that old “fuddy duddy” but buddy?  today’s music doesn’t even compare to these sounds from back in the day…

O-Zone? a futuristic brotha, so don’t get me wrong!! a dude is a big music lover, loving the sounds from today…

…but in a zone listening to SOUL FUNK 60’s 70’s courtesy of Lou Dav; reminded me of sounds from back in the day WLOU 1350 with Tobe Howard and Bill Summers; O-Dizzle? a funky drummer so how did you expect a Louisville dude  to behave?

Check out the playlist and the mix, I hope the thought and fashion police don’t mess with this!! they’ll try to say a dude misbehaves!!

Milton Wright – You Don’t Even Know Me

Brief Encounter – Human

jeanie greene – sure as sin

Nelson Sanders – I’ m lonely

Spencer Wiggins – Lonely Man

1619 Bad Ass Band – I Am Mine

Burning Desire – Why She Had to Go

Karen Small – To Get You Back Again

Scott Cunningham Band – Morning Madness

lil bob & the lollipops – nobody but you

Roosevelt Roberts Hooked – on your love

Little Ann – Deep Shadows

Bobby Boyd Congress – In A Strange Strange Land

Andrew Brown – You Made Me Suffer

The Organics – Footstumpin’

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