Deep House 2019 • In Calm • Grau Selection

Digital Crate Digging Continues on what I refer to as a Terrible / Tuesday, you should know the knowledge by now..

It’s so named because things can play out either way; we claim the terrific part plus we’ll let the music play while O-Zone drops this knowledge; y’all should know that by now!! 

The saga / struggle continues as we rebuke that Trump or Boris Johnson  vibe / knowledge that’s dropped on the masses..

The saga / struggle continues, as we rebuke jokers with these beats that bump; check the vibe as good mileage is received on the mothership as we pull up on the tribe; we’ll conduct seminars and classes..

Chilling out, trying to remain calm; dropping this Deep House 2019 • In Calm • Grau Selection on the tribe / masses; another form of the O-Dog Day Party..

Nice and smooth, not bombastic; check out the playlist and the mix as we drop these mathematics; why did jokers start with me?


1 – Jean Jeak – Tu Amor (D.Takerz Deep Mix) – 00:00

2 – Zuckre – Stuck In Ecuador (Deep Active Sound Remix) – 06:01

3 – Rich Mode – Under the Sea – 11:45

4 – Jame Moorfield – The Romance (Original Mix) – 14:45

5 – Alex Ranerro, Coeus – Enigma (Original Mix) – 20:35

6 – Matthias Vogt – The Essence (Jonn Hawley Remix) – 25:26

7 – Jay West, Manuel Sahagun – Somebody (Original Mix) – 30:20

8 – Barclay Saylor – Light It Up (Original Mix) – 34:59

9 – Tom Chubb – Still Drive (Original) – 39:07

10 – Cadatta – Mr And Mrs Wrong (Original Mix) – 44:20

Grau Media – 50:20

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