Nu Tropic – Suave (Patchworks Clubjazz Remix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues per the HumpDay Extravaganza!! we’ve also got the O-Dog Day Party going…

The saga / struggle continues per getting over the hump type of business exhibited, as I mentioned at my satellite station it keeps flowing..

The saga / struggle continues, going for what we’re knowing!! beats bump and we drop this good word /  testimony like we’re Michael Cohen before the House Oversight Committee..

The saga / struggle continues; there’ll be no lying when we drop this insight as the mothership stays in flight even though we continue to fight!! the fronts are Local, National, International and Intergalactic;   the struggle is real “all up in house” but  there’s no pity from the street committee..

We’re way way out there, so who’s with me? we’re smooth with it like this Nu Tropic  track called Suave (Patchworks Clubjazz Remix)

Taking it there!! dropping this smooth broken beat /  latin jazz / house music track as we “holla back”; still getting breakbeat scientific!!




Scene From A Dream | Deep Progressive House Set | 2019 Mixed By Johnny M | DEM Radio Podcast

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday; things can go either way..

The saga / struggle continues; actually? it’s been a great day, oh it’s had it’s ups and down but we continue to play..

Play on player was the encouragement given so we’re working it, that’s how we’re living; doing the damn thing!!

Saying a prayer then working it all out without a doubt!! dreaming then chasing; doing the damn thing!!

Staying on point was mentioned at my satellite station, dreams can turn into nightmares especially American  ones..

What’s the deal? we’re out here listening to Scene From A Dream | Deep Progressive House Set | 2019 Mixed By Johnny M | DEM Radio Podcast; check the playlist and the mix; visions? we’re sharing them..

01. Savvas – Last Dance (Original Mix) 00:00

02. Fernando Ferreyra – My Little Princess Josefina (Original Mix) 08:36

03. Bioslave – Perigaeum (Vocal Edit) 16:08

04. Bioslave – Luna Sanguinea (Original Mix) 21:14

05. Artem Kalalb – Satellites (Emi Galvan Dub Mix) 27:15

06. Marc DePulse – Sienka (Marc Maya Remix) 33:04

07. Ante Perry & Paji – Diagonal (Original Mix) 38:22

08. Several Spirits – Daylight (Dulcet Remix) 45:30

09. Dr. Alfred – Dysnomia (Juan Astudillo Remix) 51:49

10. K.A.L.I.L. – Shori (Original Mix) 57:50


Atmosfear – Motivation

Digital Crate Digging Continues on that Music Monday format; how about that?

Can you dig it? your dude continues to put in work, for what it’s worth; how about that?

No doubts about it, the attitude is grateful / faith, hope and joy will also be exhibited..

No doubts about? please!! you know haters and going to hate!! they’ll act like peace is prohibited..

We’re not with that!! Monday Motivation is provided; actually this formula will work on any day of the week..

We’re listening to Atmosfear with Motivation; some of that good disco jazz / jazz funk!! uplifting the weak!!


Space Traveling [Lo-Fi / Jazz Hop / Chill Mix]

Sunday Jazz Continues, the smooth sounds of jazz are on these menus; help yourself!!

This good word salad is part of the meal, my constituents know the deal; I was told to go on with my bad self!!

Back in the day? the advice was Pops was watch yourself / watch your mouth / watch your tone; like Jussie Smollett you’ll get so far out there you can’t get home..

Back in the way? naw, cousin we’re rolling in our own lane rocking the baldy no need for rogaine on the dome…

What’s really going on? of course that’s the name of this blog as we negotiate the smoke / mirrors / fog;  a dude was out there,  able to get pictures of the Ultima Thule asteroid..

What’s really going on? of course your dude O-Dog is still cruising down I-20 in Atlanta aka the launching pad to the universe, listening to Space Traveling [Lo-Fi / Jazz Hop / Chill Mix]  courtesy of  The Jazz Hop Cafe; check the playlist and let the good music play!! it’s the ultimate way to fill the void…

01 00:06 ibrahim – encounter with a mech patrol unit

02 03:48 luvbird – omoide in my garden

03 05:50 s. lyre – skylight

04 07:44 /KXLD. – A Cigarette, To Past Time (Ft. mie)

05 10:16 Sky.High – Inner Thoughts

06 12:26 ibrahim – in search of splintered memories

07 15:46 imfinenow – Another World

08 17:40 GentleBeatz & W00ds – Dreams

09 19:56 Tune In With Chewie – City Lights

10 21:12 Pneumoniker – Coffee Cups In My Room

11 23:08 fcj – go home club

12 24:18 Dragon Roots – Jet Streams

13 27:30 wh?t – Learning

14 30:00 Logic Levls – Do It 2Day

15 32:24 JayDottCee – Sky Garden

16 34:56 nohone – wandering in the rain

17 37:58 A June & J Beat – Sing My Blews [Instrumental]

18 40:38 fcj – lost

Defected Radio Show presented by Sam Divine – 22.02.19

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Friday morning per Flashback Friday, but we might as well say it’s the weekend baby!!

That Friday Feeling is exhibited, in this territory? shady dealing is prohibited!! jokers are like Roger Stone; they’ll tell you it’s all gravy baby!!

…..or maybe sounding like other Donald Trump fixers; meanwhile check the sound, the beats will bump rocking these mixers!! not a Grady Baby but I’m broadcasting live from Atlanta..

Trying to get over the hump like it’s the middle of the week!! no drama is manufactured like Jussie Smollett we just bring this good word and the drum kit; somebody will understand a brotha!!

…as we drop another episode of the Defected Radio Show presented by Sam Divine – 22.02.19 setting off this O-Dog Day Party early!!

Check out the playlist and the mix, respected for getting breakbeat scientific? I doubt it, but this is how the work will be..

01.Yann Polewka – Rêves [Fresh Meat]

02. Yuksek – I Don’t Have A Drum Machine [Classic]

03.Kings Of Tomorrow – Finally (Dario D’Attis Remix) [Defected]

04. Soul Reductions – Got 2 Be Loved [Classic]

05. MOST RATED: Saison featuring Leon Lincoln – The Last Time [Defected]

06. Kiwi – Llama [DFTD]

07. DJ Dove & DJ Queen B – Beggin’ [Soulfuric]

08. Nyaruach – Gatluak (Hyenah Beat Version) [MoBlack Records]

09. 4 To The Floor: Zappe – Larry’s Exotic Blend [Classic]

10. Stereosoulz – My Love [Phoenix Music]

11. Low Steppa – You’re My Life [Defected]

12. Sam’s Forgotten Gem: Chicken Lips – He Not In (Groove Armada’s Dub Reconstruction) [Defected]

13. Ilija Rudman featuring. Andre Espeut – In Her Eyes [Classic]

Ghostface Killah – The Sure Shot Pt 1 & 2

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Throwback Thursday; excuse me as I go back to my roots..

Checking out some old school hip hop, didn’t quit / stop; thought and fashion police threaten prosecution / corporations or institutions threaten lawsuits..

Throwback Thursday? back to the Timberland boots and baggy jeans, nothing skinny…

Going back to the future, work is breakbeat scientific “it ain’t nothing nice” to be specific ; out here where a loss and a win will be..

..checking out some hip hop, from Wu Tang Clan alumnus  Ghostface Killah  with  The Sure Shot Pt 1 & 2.

Apollo Brown hooked it up, we’ll put it down then we’ll book up; on to the next, Real Deal Holyfield!! act like you knew..




Mekon Ft. Roxanne Shante – What’s Going On? (Junior Cartier Remix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on what I call Terrible / Terrific Tuesday…

Things can go either way, sometimes from one spectrum to the other on the same day!!

My motto? let the music play, plus O-Zone will prepare this word salad, naysayers claim he’s foul with it…

A plot and scheme like the Trump Crime Syndicate investigated by Robert Mueller? Andrew McCabe said  act like you knew bro!!  some are foul with it!!

It’s not what it seems? beats bump as we try to deal it!! didn’t have all the answers not yet, sometimes playing it like this Junior Cartier aka Jon Carter  remix of  Mekon Ft. Roxanne Shante asking What’s Going On?

Similar to the name of this blog, as we navigate the smoke and mirrors / fog; word from O-Dizzle / O-Zone..



Funky Deep House & Nu-Disco Vol. #18

Digital Crate Digging Continues on Music Monday and the so called President’s Day holiday..

The saga / struggle continues as you’ve heard me say, along with my motto; Let The Music Play!!

…along with my other motto; Let Us Pray!! then we’ll keep it moving, taking action!! it’s serious but there’s no Trump National Emergency…

…mocked by Alec Baldwin, with lawsuits threatened by the Attorney General in California; meanwhile we’re rocking as O-Dizzle shoots through the portal; breakbeat scientific is how the work will be…

O-Zone? a chef dropping this word salad in the meal!!  brotha from the Midwest, homie from Mississippi recognized the style / swag / steelo of a dude from Louisville…

Zones? we’re blessing them with this sound, listening to this Funky Deep House & Nu-Disco Vol. #18 courtesy of DJ Groove..

Check out the playlist and the mix as we continue to get breakbeat scientific; we’ll stay on the move!!


01) (00:00) Kapote – Brasiliko

02) (06:33) Nick Holder – Feelings

03) (11:17) Youen – Paparuda (City Soul Project)

04) (16:47) Ache Baez – U Look So Fine

05) (23:06) George Mensah – Crazy

06) (27:50) Richard Scholtz – Can U Feel It

07) (35:03) Sebb Junior, Sammy Deuce – If You Got Love

08) (39:14) Angelo Ferreri – We Wanna Do

09) (43:58) Ryan Blyth feat. Luther Soul – I Want You (Club)

10) (49:52) Peter Brown – Somebody Else

11) (55:04) Alex Preston – Ain’t Gonna Cry

12) (59:17) Tom Chubb – I Want You

Taylor McFerrin ‎– Broken Vibes

Sunday Jazz Continues!! “soul jazzing” on these menus / rocking venues; doing what we do..

Son spazzing on these fools? it crossed my mind but I crossed that thought out of my mind, acting like  I knew..

Oh yes!! acting like I knew better, now a don’t stop get it getter moving forward never backwards..

Oh yes!! acting like I knew better, not out in the inclement weather with these ATLien wannabe divas / macks /  actresses /  actors..

Dipping down I-75 in Atlanta staying away from the  wayward truckers in tractor trailers based on what Eddie Kendricks was trying to tell us; Keep On Truckin

All the way live!! it’s not fair son!! but we’re listening to some soul jazz / broken beat from Taylor McFerrin ‎ mentioning Broken Vibes,  now we’re out here dealing with these broken tribes doing what my fourth grade teacher Ms Peters told them not to do; “trusting to luck” again..




The Blackbyrds – Spaced Out

Digital Crate Digging Continues per this Saturday Night Fever!!

We’re listening to some jazz funk from The Blackbyrds with a track called Spaced Out!!

Check out the players and the track!! Let’s Go!!