Fragments Of Life | Deep Progressive House Set | 2018 Mixed By Johnny M | DEM Radio Podcast

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday; of course we continue to get retro-futuristic..

The saga / struggle continues of course; as long as we’re on terra firma that’ll be the business…

The saga / struggle continues, but we’ll deal with that and this; that’s what spiritual warriors do..

I told another the struggle is real; they’ll feel this and that, jokers even bring the drama to your doorstep; that’s how they do!!

Winning streaks and losing streaks experienced;  what it do? we just take the fragments of our lives and  move on..

Listening to this deep house music, Fragments Of Life | Deep Progressive House Set | 2018 Mixed By Johnny M | DEM Radio Podcast; check the playlist and the mix so you can get your groove on!!


01. Modul Art – Cyclope (Original Mix) 00:00

02. Dizharmonia – Heliostasion (Original Mix) 07:12

03. SEQU3L – Sake Dreams (Stan Kolev Remix) 12:52

04. Carlo Whale – 5st (Original Mix) 18:44

05. Juan Deminicis – Umbra (Original Mix) 23:32

06. Ricardo Piedra – Lunasphere (Original Mix) 29:40

07. Michael A – Paradox (Original Mix) 37:05

08. Dizharmonia – Sofia (Original Mix) 44:29

09. Justrice – Voyager (Original Mix) 49:45

10. Strinner – Continuum (Original Mix) 55:47

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just a brotha dabbling in music, sports, politics and other spices of life...

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