Neon Phusion ‎– It’s Another

Digital Crate Digging Continues on what I call  a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday..

Things can go either way, but we didn’t drink the devil’s elixir or broth so we proceed and continue; let the music play!!

Actually, we’ve experienced both the high and the lows, adjusted are sails for the flows!! now we keep it moving..

Experienced like Jimi Hendrix because we didn’t pump breaks like Bendix!! please!! we kept it moving!!

We kept on trucking per Eddie Kendricks, even though there’s one thing or another!! you know how it goes..

Doing the damn thing!! listening to some broken beat from Neon Phusion ‎, they mentioned  It’s Another!! Brown Sugar helped on the vocals..

Neon Phusion – Blue Tektra (Restless Soul Peak Time Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues per this Music Monday format!! the Labor Day holiday is also winding down as I post this!! Might want to call this the peak time, so whatcha know?

We’re listening to some house music / broken beat from Neon Phusion with a track called Blue Tektra (Restless Soul Peak Time Mix). Check it out / Let’s Go!!

Roberto Rodriguez – I Keep Thinking Of You

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Music Monday, in conjunction with the Labor Day holiday..

We’re rolling, full steam ahead; letting the music play is the function / due to the corruption? we’ll follow the preachers instructions; let us pray..

In the meantime and between time let us play this from a breakbeat scientific perspective dropping this sound and the good word…

I’ve seen mine out here struggling!! like old dude over on Candler Road in Decatur told me it’s rough out here!! he said he’s looking for a strong drink and some good weed / herb..

You heard? so this brotha brings some of that good house music that’s conducive; listening to Roberto Rodriguez with I Keep Thinking Of You..

The soundtrack for Monday Motivation, my people can use it!! whatcha know? we’re rocking it, this is what it do!!

Jafar and Touch Ft Rich Medina ‎– The Undeniable Truth

Sunday Jazz Continues on this Labor Day Holiday Weekend;  we govern ourselves accordingly…

Jazz music will play, but of course a dude will stray off into other genres /   grey area scenarios, but I know where the border will be..

Excuse me, but out of order behavior of the breakbeat scientific nature is approved of by this candidate..

Lose me with the out of order behavior that’ll enslave another based on the canons of hate…

Oh yes!!  the canons of hate are used by those that’ll tell you truth isn’t truth per Rudy Giuliani plus alternative facts are mentioned by Kellyanne Conway..

Oh yes!! sonic cannons blast during the debate!! listening to The Undeniable Truth by Jafar and Touch  Ft Rich Medina!! the track is funky!! let the music play!!


Defected Radio Show presented by Sam Divine – 31.08.18

Digital Crate Digging Continues on this segment I like to call the Saturday Night Fever…

Afternoon Jazz was bumping earlier, I’m still trying to work with ya; “holla at me” we’re out here trying to achieve bro!!

I see ya bro!! that’s what the homie told me; next thing you know they’ll try to trade me like Khalil Mack from the Oakland Raiders to the Chicago Bears..

I see ya; some went on home like Aretha Franklin and John McCain but we’re still trying to maintain; putting it down from Oakland  / Alameda to Atlanta / Dekalb!! letting you know when we take it there..

Not flagrant in the sport like Paul Manafort or Michael Cohen, we’re chilling getting open  listening to the Defected Radio Show presented by Sam Divine – 31.08.18

Not faking it, we’re manning up in the sport!! check out the playlist and the mix / this good music that’s playing!!

01. Amine Edge & DANCE vs Clyde P ‘Dancin’’ [DFTD]

02. DJ S.K.T ‘Get Up’ [Defected]

03. Sam’s Forgotten Gem: As I Am featuring Nicola Tate ‘Saving Grace’ (Original Mix) [Defected]

04. Jack Back ‘Sometimes’ [Defected]

05. Oliver Way ‘Stained Glass Shadows’ (Robert Hood Remix) [ePM Music]

06. MOST RATED: Black Loops & Innocent Soul ‘Wanna Feel It’ [Classic]

07. Starr Traxx ‘More’ (KiNK Remix) [Brock Wild]

08. Felix Da Housecat x Chris Trucher ‘Midnight Bang’ [Founders Of Filth]

09. Teddy P & DJ Punch ‘Stay With Me’ (Baby Powder Classic Mix) [Deeper Side Of Cyberjamz Records]

10. 4 TO THE FLOOR: ATFC ‘I Called U (The Conversation)’ (ATFC’s Heated Conversation) [Defected]

11. Dennis Ferrer featuring Janelle Kroll ‘Mind Ur Step’ (Original Mix) [Defected]

12. Satoshi Tomiie ‘Bassline’ [No.19 Music]

13. Ilija Rudman ‘Lovers Change Minds’ (Hot Toddy Remix) [Classic]