Mindful Vibes – Episode 27 (Jazz Hop / Chill Mix) [HD]


Digital Crate Digging Continues on Throwback Thursday, but I mentioned earlier I’m the specialist..

Your dude will take it back to the future, acting extra / brand new with ya with a special list..

Per a Throwback Thursday mind state? other realms are visited, astrologers blame it on a Venus in Taurus and Neptune in Pisces  sextile or connection…

Plus the Moon visits Pisces as I write this;  any escape from the crisis? Trump firing Rosenstein perfection?

Check out the tunes from two of my favorite genres, jazz and hip hop per this Mindful Vibes – Episode 27 (Jazz Hop / Chill Mix) [HD]

Check out the playlist and the mix, you might vibe to this!! minds relaxed after the apparatus taxed; somebody might feel me…


01. Handbook – What Do You Mean? 0:00

02. Aso & Hopes – Love Is 03:04

03. Kazam – Wunnation 05:19

04. The Kount – Room In Here 07:53

05. Les Lockheart – Dilla Day 13:27

06. el. – Colors 17:15

07. HXNS – luh 19:37

08. chris anderson – maybe another time 22:44

09. Boukas – Dust in the Crates 25:59

10. Flamingosis – You Were Meant For Me

11. engelwood – sitting in the park (feat. jaeden camstra) 29:18

12. Moose Dawa – From The Soul 34:31

13. Gonza – Relax Your Mind 36:56

14. Sofasound – Sun feat. Edo Lee 40:28

15. Joe Corfield – Wildflower 43:30

16. fiji.water – reminisce 45:54

17. Hazy Year – Magnolia 48:26

18. Klrx – Inside 51:01

Source: THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: Mindful Vibes – Episode 27 (Jazz Hop / Chill Mix) [HD]


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