Tech House After Hours | 2018 Mixed By Johnny M

Digital Crate Digging Continues; Saturday Night Fever is on deck considering the timeframe..

The saga / struggle continues, per the usual cliche; it’s real,  I’m not playing a mind game…

My mind is tamed by the sound; traveling through the galaxy with my feet still on the ground..

Breakbeat scientific? oh yes!! unraveling the curse trying to foul me!! blue collar work is put in, I stay on the grind!!

What did I find as far as this digital crate digging is concerned? we’re listening to Tech House After Hours | 2018 Mixed By Johnny M

Check out the playlist and the mix; perfect for this Saturday evening / after hours scenario!! I’ve been trying to post this for a couple of days but the selector had technical difficulties, but now we’re jamming!

01. The Willers Brothers – In Sense Of Playing (Original Mix) 00:00

02. Hollen – Macacos (Original Mix) 06:14

03. Antonio Piacquadio – Glorious (Dub Mix) 12:13

04. Raul Mezcolanza & Hollen – Meeting Dosage (Original Mix) 17:41

05. Fernando Guzman – Animals (Original Mix) 23:09

06. Mirco Caruso – Wiggida Wack (Original Mix) 28:37

07. Fabian Argomedo & Altamirano – Freeze Bitch (Original Mix) 35:15

08. Dj Fronter – Spasibo (Original Mix) 42:01

09. Fernando Mesa & Dani Carrera – U Got Soul (Original Mix) 48:26

10. Yamall – Back Before (Original Mix) 53:48

11. DJ PP & Gabriel Rocha – Forza (Original Mix) 58:56

12. Belocca – Depends On You (Original Mix) 1:04:49



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