Caught Out There Like El Chapo

It’s going down! we had to make a run for the border!! but damn!! it’s easy to get caught out there like El Chapo!!

It’s going down!! society will try to say we’re out of order!! plus the way things were set up? they knew some of us would be caught out there from the get-go…

We slip through the portal, knowing how the sport will go!! will we be in the champioship game like Clemson and Alabama?

We slip through the portal, knowing how the sport will go!! we can win all year long but start to mess up at the end of the season like Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers…

Abort your mission bro!! we don’t understand this!! that’s what they told this dude!! they told me I’d be caught out there!!

Abort your mission bro!! when I landed this mothership on earth that’s what I heard!!  oh yes!! we were out there!!

You might have caught us *Out There*  breakbeat scientific like a professor / *brofessor* that was walking on the moon like Armstrong:  Intergalactic…

You might have caught us *Out There*  but not out in Philly shooting cops per ISIS!!  please!!  peace bro!! that’s what I’m about during the ongoing crisis, I’m on Louisville / Newburg default settings!! if lost? I’m trying to get back to it…

*In Transition*  in 2016? that’s what time it is!!  acting like we knew it!!  God is blessing us, we’re realizing we have Diplomatic Immunity..

*In Transition*  moving through the galaxy; moving at a High Velocity but we have the speed you need!! now back to earth, we dipped back to the community…

*In Transition*  that’s what its time for, but some under scrutiny,  They’ll Be Caught Out There Like El Chapo!! watch your back, that’s what I told them…

*In Transition*   hitting the reset button / taking the next step!!  oh yes!! Let The Healing Process Begin! more episodes of the drama? I can do without them..


Author: omanxl1

just a brotha dabbling in music, sports, politics and other spices of life...

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