Retro- Futuristic / Intergalactic

This is how it’s going down for inquiring minds that wanted to know: I have to admit this dude is somewhat retro /futuristic / intergalactic.

This is how it’s going down like Georgia firing Mark Richt but he lands on his feet in Miami!! understand me? so called power brokers /  jokers attitude and demeanor was somewhat erratic…

Butch Davis thought he’s was going back to Miami like LL Cool J talked about going back to Cali!! but mathematics came into play…

Some misbehave with this like protestors in Chicago on Michigan Avenue! please!! it’s hard on the boulevard / avenue!! there’s really no Fly Society from LAX to JFK per the t-shirt at Stonecrest Mall! that’s not how fanatics play!

O-Dog? he’s a beat slave per Grace Jones while O-Zone is telling his constituents the sport is complex!

Smoke and fog enhanced by mirrors in these danger zones? oh yes!! we rebuke them when we come with the next…

Oh yes, we advanced!! but the Usher wannabe said O-Dog’s sound was too retro  /  he said the sound was old school..

Oh yes, we advanced!! but the church usher /  Kirk Franklin wannabe said the sound was too futuristic!!  I had to admit it’s the next school..

Even though a player was having babies with his lady  the Kanye West wannabe figured the cipher out / he  Recognized The Pattern!! understanding that the next school is in full effect..

Even though this player kept playing the Mary J Blige wannabe heard O-Dog’s cuts, snares and samples,  but she couldn’t connect..

Much obliged for the constructive criticism is what I told them,  but I couldn’t correct anything!! you heard the cliche / *it is what it is*

BreakBeat Science is in full effect, your dude is retro / futuristic!!  but not robotic., even though O-Dog will rock it!!  old version or new version of the Wiz?

Author: omanxl1

just a brotha dabbling in music, sports, politics and other spices of life...

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