Updating The Captains Log PT. 6 (Accepting The Assignment)

It’s going down!! we’re updating this Captain’s Log on this Friday evening; it’s Flashback Friday…

Rehashing old episodes,  but like the Birmingham detective that was pistol whipped there’s no information overload!! the system will lie to me…

Clashing with the system like  the Ferguson state of emergency? I’m showing a sense of urgency, this is how it’s going down!!

Cashing reality checks; a form of  exchange like currency, then the purchases made are put on the clearance rack per consignment; Mission Impossible like a Rogue Nation? accepting the assignment, it’s going down!!

Doing what we do / coming through;  if possible, we’re posting these prophecies at The Sonic Assault plus at Random Thoughts From A Brotha..

Satellite Station Transmissions; Intergalactic / worldwide / coast to coast:  Dropping Knowledge,  didn’t brag or boast!!  that’s not what you’ll get from a brotha…

Had to park the Cutlass Supreme due to slipping transmissions, but the Mothership gets good mileage like the New Horizons out by Pluto!! whatcha know? I’ll handle business before it handles me..

*New Type Gangsters*  handle their business; who’s on their team?   like Marco Rubio, some are mad because the American flag was raised at the embassy in Cuba; crooks acting brand new with ya?  Washington, Wall Street?  that’s where the vandals will be..

This Captain’s Log lets you know what the deal is per assists from this point guard on the team like Ricky Rubio; but are we being built or torn down? check the Debatable Circumstances;  some will blow up the spot like the ports in China, then they’ll conduct a rummage sale..

Meanwhile Donald Trump types are smirking and talking out of the side of their neck as they disrespect; wanting us to fail

O-Dog ‘s beats thump as O-Zone types this Captain’s Log; dealing with the madness per the smoke and mirrors, the fog;  the drama will tell the true story;  who wins or loses..

This is the strategy we use as we put it down like this!!  the assignment? this team chooses..


Author: omanxl1

just a brotha dabbling in music, sports, politics and other spices of life...

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