It’s Still Going Down Over Here In These Attack Zones!!

It *Keeps Flowing*  like The Ohio River up by Louisville; cooling off Chickasaw and Shawnee Park, back in the day a brotha was chilling!!

*Going for what we’re knowing* trying to move forward through this Dark Mysterious World!! moving swiftly!! but some are through dealing!!

They had to fall back like Darren Wilson after the shady dealling!!  I even found out about the real thing, now fixing matrix glitches!!

Messages left?  I didn’t call back, some didn’t do the math!!  Ecological Ignorance will alter their fates!! hood representatives said *snitches end up in ditches*

*Messages In The Song*  are left;  oh!! it’s our rebuttal as a hater skates on thin ice due to global warming when Al Gore gave them a warning!!  but I see some are posted up with Ted Cruz climate change deniers!!

Funk Seminars are back in business; this is what a bruh will do!!  oh!! it’s straight from the Mothership after consulting with aliens!!  Intergalactic!!  but damn!! the Cutlass Supreme was stolen from where I parked it!!  I was mad but I wasn’t amongst the town criers!!

Some “parked it on the dancefloor” when Midnight Star told them not to do it!! but those damn liers said it wasn’t them!!

I knew the score like bad guys supposedly winning in Baltimore so I act like you knew it!! but I wasn’t through dealing!!

But I was through chilling!! damn!! now I’m back in these attack zones!! I was fired on just as I came through the door!!!

Jokers thought I was shady like Planned Parenthood officials!! Ted Cruz and Donald Trump types try to team up against this endeavor!!

Ties I sever; the Deliberate Falsehood was the straw that broke the camels back!! I was like the name of this blog; What’s Really Going On?

Non believers were Cavalier like Cleveland!! acting false in the hood!! I was under attack as soon as I entered this zone!!!



Author: omanxl1

just a brotha dabbling in music, sports, politics and other spices of life...

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