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Monthly Archives: August 2015

Digital Crate Digging Continues on this #MusicMonday Evening; right at dusk, just in time for this Dusk Til Dawn – Living Lounge Mix (2015)  courtesy of DJ Disma. Check out the playlist and the mix.

01 00:00 Openzone Bar – Where No One Can Hear You
02 04:17 Jens Buchert – smooth department
03 08:43 Sergi Pau – Funky Now
04 16:45 Unknown – Gloom
05 20:29 Da Vince – Nothing Is
06 23:16 Cote D’Or – Capetown Sunset
07 27:57 Intelligent jazz – Bionics (Jimpster remix)
08 34:26 Luxury Lounge Cafe Allstars – Gettin Funky (the Luxury Lounge Cafe Anthem)
09 38:16 Axel B – The Same Way (original mix)
10 41:15 Da Vince – Kumba Lila
11 45:42 Big Bud – Stone Groove



Sunday Jazz Continues; we’re checking out some jazzy house music / spoken word  from Ron Trent – with a Message To The World. This world needs some kind of message!! Anyway, check it out!!! Let’s Go!!!

Usually updating the Captain’s Log, but at the moment I’m analyzing the situation…

In the smoke and fog, enhanced by mirrors lethal doses were administered; it’s Sunday, so where’s the minister? I hope he’s praying!!

What’s up dog?  what’s the prognosis? dude told me he was waiting in the dark saying he had a hunch, but there was no free lunch, so he’s about to blackout…

This veteran in the game now coaches like Jason Kidd or even Steve Kerr out in Golden State; it’s too late to back out…

CIA? per Iran Contra they put the crack out in those streets but you should already know that; if you don’t? you’ll get gaffled…

How did others play? they’ll try to *con ya* by saying #blacklivesmatter influenced Shannon Miles to shoot the deputy in Texas; some don’t know how complex the sport is, they’re left baffled…

How did others play? analyze he situation!! what really matters? files will get pulled as Hunger Games Peacekeepers do what they do!! any peace for you? it’s good work if you can get it..

From explosions in Bangkok to explosions in China!!  to little homie at The Five Points Marta Station in Atlanta with bootleg movies and Coach Bags!! any peace for us? it’s good work if you can get it..

Mystic Voyages taken as I reflect / contemplate /  analyze the situation!! pondering The Dark Mystery Of Time and Space..

Haters discourage, deflecting passes, deflating balls like Tom Brady!! they want to destroy my embellishment, getting *all up in my face*

What’s the prognosis? seminars and classes are conducted!!  soon the Captain’s Log will be updated…

What’s the prognosis? what’s The Weather Report?  Listening to Joe Zawinul / Wayne Shorter, we anaylze the situation, soon the Captain’s Log will be updated…

Updating this Captain’s Log as we float through waters full of smoke and fog, this is part ten; what’s up man? is this the finale?

The hating continues; not at Captain’s Quarters in Louisville looking at menus, but I rocked fly clothing from Captain’s Quarters  men store when they were at 15th and Broadway, but haters got foul with me!!

The funky fresh style was flexed as I crossed borders, these days? I’m dipping down I-20 in Atlanta…

I was down on Hamilton E Holmes Drive, named after one of the first African Americans to integrate the University of Georgia …

Rode through the city trying not to draw attention, now I’m on Bankhead Highway, renamed Donald Lee Hollowell after the Georgia attorney..

Summer in Atlanta? it was hot as hell, we’re a week from Labor Day as I update this Captain’s Log,  so summer is over; who’ll work with me?

I was in a spot where some were in suits / hard bottom shoes;  I bounced in wearing jeans, Mecca polo shirt / Reeboks;  due to hustle knocks some wonder what crime I committed…

They became suspicious like I was Shannon Miles down in Texas shooting deputies; please!! I’m not that dimwitted…

They became suspicious, pulling files!! they said Mr. Miles attended Prairie View A&M University with Sandra Bland down in  Texas…

In this game? we knew what the deal was, styles are flagrant from the center, to the left and to the right!! those going through adversity understand how complex the sport is…

In this game?  I’m a sonic mercenary!! I didn’t abort this mission, check the steady bombardment of the enemy position, as I update this Captains Log and  per the O-Dog Podcast…

The 10th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina made an impression, it reminded of the storms we go through in life; some will pray and fast…

Digital Crate Digging Continues; we’re checking out this classic disco / funk track from Harold Faltermeyer – with Axel F (Extended Version). This is from the Beverly Hills Cop; y’all know what it is!! Let’s Go!!

Digital Crate Digging Continues!! we’re checking out some drum and bass from GLXY – with a track called What A Day. He’s basically flipping an Erykah Badu sample like a pro!! Check it out!!

Digital Crate Digging Continues; we’re checking out this house music from Trio Zero (A.K.A Larry Heard & Ten City) – with a track called Twilight. Let’s Go!!

I’m updating this Captain’s Log; Ready?  set?  go!! The whistle is blown!!  Let’s start the race.

Admitting, I had my doubts about running the race like Joe Biden saying he lacked emotional fuel, but I put things in motion  like a fool;  I’m *going for what I’m knowing*  I’m on the case…

I went for what I knew, going all out!!  what it do? I kept riding, but time kept slipping and sliding;  was the opportunity blown?  Lost in space?

Danger Will Robinson Danger was heard!! this good word and brand new funk rebukes an Intergalactic  stormtrooper that was all up in my face!!

These earthlings aka Friends and Strangers per Ronnie Laws were also in my face; I tried to dip but GPS was not working / the Mothership is hurting!! call Manny, Moe and Jack;  the hooptie is leaking transmission fluid.

I’m updating this Captain’s Log; A brotha is operating like Blackbyrds / with Donald Byrd; I’m Doing It Fluid.

What it do? I’m flowing down The Mainstream Of Mathematics..but the waters are stagnant like the Nile River..

What it do? I’m still flowing,  bumping heads with Donald Trump type of fanatics!! beats thump, the DJ O-Dog is fixing it!! out in the cold? the foul will shiver…

What it do? I’m still flowing!! street skills and academics are exhibited when this Captain’s Log is updated..

What it do? this brotha chills while wannabe deacons fake amens up in the amen corner!! The *rah rah and blah blah*  stuff? please!! I’m not with it!! my people have been hated!!

A brotha makes deals per these reality checks, I tried to make amends but some weren’t feeling it..

Now another wants reality divorces!! they’re flipping out like Vester Lee Flanagan aka Bryce Williams,  due to shady dealings?  others are  finding out what they’re dealing with…


This is how it’s going down!! we’re updating this Captain’s Log before it’s too late..

We’re not trying to get down like Donald Trump taking on Megyn Kelly, Jeb Bush and Lindsey Graham; we’re not on a mission, trying to show hate..

Some are suffering from malnutrition;  what it do? they’re trying to get over the hump like the middle of the week getting here in a few hours;  please!!  they’re not up to the task.

Please!!  while others bask in the limelight like Ashley Madison constituents I wasn’t with it;  what aisle am I on due to the Wall Street slump? I’m returning bogus merchandise at the service desk.

As I multi-task?  check the style I’m on!!  I’m dropping *The Good Word*  /  *Four Five Sixing it*

Not the one haters anoint;  please!! the climate has changed in more ways than one but Republicans won’t acknowledge it!!  plus I wasn’t a brotha with the good herb / plus with shady ones? I wasn’t mixing with.

The brotha O-Dog is mixing it;  what? the Brand New Funk, while O-Zone was rolling like Stephen Hawking studying black holes!!

Another was mixing with so called powers that be; the treasury? they’ll spill it, per the Federal Reserve meeting in Jackson Hole!!

What’s the deal with it?  how will this black man roll?  oh!! I continue to get breakbeat scientific with it..

Check out these *Random Thoughts From A Brotha*  as I update this Captain’s Log, still sending a Message In A Bottle like Gil-Scott Heron;  feel me? that’s what’s up with it!!

Caught up in the system / matrix with another, but per this Captain’s Log a dude came up with an exit strategy before it was too late…

Staying a step ahead of the matrix architect bringing a lethal dose; you know the devil will oppose!! him and his advocates continue to show hate..

Digital Crate Digging Continues!! we’re checking out this jazz / world music / afrobeat from Femi Kuti – with a track called Sorry Sorry (Old School Afro dub) . Let’s Go!!