Reality Checks (Thirsty Thursday Edition)

Weather forecasters mention ninety degree weather down here in Atlanta; that enabled this Special Thirsty Thursday  Edition…

Whatever said those that hated!! due to the hot weather I stay hydrated!!  now the O-Dog Podcast will blast!!  check this brand new funk from a brotha; as I play the new rendition…

Reality checks are cashed, now some will get what’s coing to them!!   where were they hiding? joints I’m casing like crooks for the home invasion…

Reality checks are cashed!! but no merchandise can be purchased at Lithonia’s Stonecrest Mall like Crooks and Castles outfits; damn!! I guess I’m out of it, but somebody said it’s all love like Babyface. and the Deele;  on more than two occasions..

Reality Checks are cashed, only merchandise purchased was Clearance Rack Epiphanies  on this hot day /  Thirsty Thursday..

Reality Checks are cashed, now some are basket cases!! storm clouds roll in due to Dylann Roof  and other StormFront roll calling!!  proof of history repeating? Throwback Thursday?

An agent of this reality disrespects like Donald Trump fronting on Mexico; some devil’s advocates won’t let go,  they’ll spark it..

So what’s up with a brotha? sounds will thump as I cash reality checks and make sound effects!!  during intergalactic journeys I interacted with aliens who told me how the funk should go!! now I’m back down to earth; the Mothership? I’ll park it…

Noticed how dark it’ll get;  Reason Gave Way To Madness!!  some will try to change their identity like Bobby Jindal!!

Ear shattering gunshots exploded as the situation got out of control!! plus haters tried to identify me as one who’ll roll with  Hazardous Material!!

Fear bruising and battering egos eroded confidence!!  Republicans frustrated because they can’t stop Obamacare?

Winning?  / losing?  episodes shattering a Negro’s confidence? naw man!! I  just drink up!! then I keep cashing these reality checks!! it’s my method of payment, as I take it there!

Author: omanxl1

just a brotha dabbling in music, sports, politics and other spices of life...

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