Confusion and Frustration (Surround Sound Edition)

Whats the deal? Out In The Mainstream Of Mathematics; the waters are stagnant..

So I’m flowing down the stream of consciousness battling fanatics like it was the war against ISIS in Ramadi; beats and prose are broken / fragments..

Others fell into unconsciousness; acting erratic is the behavior during the ongoing crisis; some were like LA Clippers quiting on Doc Rivers; now they’re losing!!

Our response to this? Blue Collar / Mechanical Engineering type of work is put in;  we provide blueprints, flowcharts and graphics to show you that it’s an illusion..

Using the funk as transportation / rolling In The Mothership;  it’s like rolling in an old Buick LeSabre like those old dudes were riding in over on Candler Road in Decatur;  an old hooptie that refuses to break down..

All Up In The House with house, rock, funk, jazz, soul and hip-hop;  O-Dog will  pick and choose the ingredients in the breakBeat sound..

Six gene mutations; similar to the ones linked to obesity; the cliche? the weight and the sound is  *phat and all that*

Confusion and frustration are everywhere like surround sound; gluttons for punishment have the propensity for it; personally? I can’t call that…

Others try to stall that; but the spiritual warfare is going down everywhere!! the situation is out of control ;   9 dead as bikers have a shootout in Waco!! they’re not chilling out!!

Not trying to ball with this or that; it’s rough *Out There*  I’m *Outside The Box*  chilling out…

I was trying to maintain but a brotha  gets called out without swinging!!  fastballs, curves and sliders fly over the plate…

Confusion and frustration is everywhere like surround sound; this brotha swerves down I-20 in Atlanta, an updated version of a freedom rider!! I see some can’t get over the hate..


Author: omanxl1

just a brotha dabbling in music, sports, politics and other spices of life...

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