So What’s The Deal? There’s Still No Justice No Peace!!

So what’s the deal / what’s the story?  I was trying to chill but I  guess a black man can’t have any peace!

Check out the catch phrase / cliche heard from Baltimore to Ferguson;  No Justice No Peace!

It’s definitely not the phrase that pays asked for by radio stations during their promotions.

…Or by old school deacons at the old school baptist church during devotions.

What it do? an old fool baptized by the fire and brimstone was considered incoherent and belligerent because he has notions of an abstract nature.

Amtrak trains run off the rails going 106 mph similar to an old school vessel that  capsized out in the treacherous waters;  what’s the deal with it? old girl  was heard saying *its not nice to try to fool Mother Nature*

Oh yeah were back!! the train of thought ran off the rails!!  haters say it wasn’t natural but we *holla back atcha*  why?  because it’s human nature.

..Per Michael Jackson;  systematic interactions reveal no justice no peace!!  its like that,  no need to debate ya!

Blue collar type actions are taken; Funk / hip-hop / jazz and house are by-products from the lab, plus knowledge is kicked..

Mechanical Engineering is going down; we’re not bootleg; no shadetree mechanics in the family, vehicles are fixed..

Social Engineering  was used by others; wannabe players tricked; it was like a romance scam..

Power steering is used on The Mothership!!  now we’re dropping funk after we got back down to earth; it’s all love but we didn’t want to hear a slow jam..

The brotha O-dog will get funky;  man!!  that brotha is *Outside The Box*  he tried to get back in but the morale was low…

In the smoke / fog and mirrors there was no justice and no peace, so I’m doing what I do; the profile is kept low….

Author: omanxl1

just a brotha dabbling in music, sports, politics and other spices of life...

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