We’re Working It Out

Willie Hutch’s  Brothers Gonna Work It Out was supposed to help  erase the doubt / but there’s doubt instead.

In the clutch? these brothas are too busy working it out!!  the break is over!!  *We’re Movin Straight Ahead*

The Mothership blazes through the sky like NASA and interstellar travel!! then  funk is dropped on earth..

A brotha gets funky; contradictions from a scholar and a *goodfella* /  what can you expect from the salt of the earth?

What’s it all worth? like stipulations in a Jameis Winston contract what can I tell another?  they weren’t checking for me anyway; if they do they’ll dry to dis a bro….

What’s it all worth? what it do? back in the day? jokers were smoking Winston’s, Pall Malls, Kools , Salems and drinking brown Kentucky Liquor so I figured they contacted Ben Carson the future presidential candidate after the repercussions; health was dismal…

As we go for what we know; chilling in the ATL!!  I didn’t make it to the Kentucky Derby, so I wasn’t styling and profiling on the red carpet /  low key / politically correct crip walking!!

Coming a long way from Checker Cabbing days up in Louisville;  it was way too real!! bearing witness to crime scene tape and white chalking…

Funky drumming these days!! not acting brand new with ya like I was in the Halls of Montezuma!! even though the game goes back to the shores of Tripoli..

Some will get what’s coming to them as I kept it on automatic pilot, soon I had the Last Laugh!! but  now haters try to trip on me…

Whose Side Our You On? some dipped on me!! the middle path wasn’t taken like Tibetan exiles, but the game is over..

Haters?  we had to ride on;  Rolling Up With A Small Army; what it do? these brothas Rebuked The Hostile Takeover…


Author: omanxl1

just a brotha dabbling in music, sports, politics and other spices of life...

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