Chilled Hip-Hop and Neo-Soul Mix #6

Digital Crate Digging Continues; *trying to catch up on my pimping*  I’m checking out Chilled Hip-Hop and Neo-Soul Mix #6 by  DJ Raphael (Pierce Victor).  Check out the playlist and the mix…

1. 00:00 / You Look Like a Tall Black Guy (Intro) – Tall Black Guy
2. 01:05 / My Sunshine – Reggie B & Miles Bonny
3. 04:15 / Fall In Love (Your Funeral) – Erykah Badu
4. 08:37 / Song for Janasa (feat. Rachel Claudio) – Union
5. 11:07 / Chinubian Beat – Jneiro Jarel
6. 12:15 / Let’s Go – The Primeridian
7. 16:00 / Band Practice, Pt. 2. (feat. Phonte & Median) – 9th Wonder
8. 17:51 / Vibin’ (feat. Freddie Joachim) – Evil Needle
9. 21:04 / Changed My Mind – Maya Azucena
10. 24:56 / Rain Drops – Freddie Joachim
11. 26:48 / Its So (Scratch Professer Re-Twist) – Omar
12. 31:12 / Divine (feat. Fatima) – Eric Lau
13. 34:05 / Keep Lovin (Eric Lau Remix) [feat. Carlitta Durand] – Freddie Joachim
14. 36:57 / When the Night Stood Still – Slakah the Beatchild
15. 39:27 / Can’t Stay – Freddie Joachim
16. 41:50 / Star Trekking – Eric Lau
17. 44:33 / He Will Break Your Heart – Darien Brockington
18. 47:18 / Trap – Mabanua
19. 49:55 / Can U See It? – Slakah the Beatchild & Tona
20. 53:27 / Drums & Synths (feat. Mark De Clive Lowe) – Probe DMS

The Adventure PT.2

Once again it’s on!! these brothas  just had to break north on another adventure.

What it do?  will lime green safety vests need to be rocked on during this breakbeat scientific venture?

Time seems to slip by; it’s part of the natural process, but dementia or amnesia hasn’t set in yet.

Staying on point;  Aleve or anesthesia for the pain when history repeats?

Alt / shift / deletes from matrix architects await those who are Fast and Furious like the Rock and Vin Diesel.

Caught out here in these streets / the system / matrix we didn’t fake it;  what?  the funk!! we didn’t pump up the volume like Atlanta Falcons but the funk will be dropped by O-Diesel.

…Also known as O-Dog or O-Dizzle;  facing opposition from a foul one!! knowing plans can fizzle out here in Babylon.

We’re out here in the danger zone;  this is the good word dropped by O-Zone.

The hired gun or gatekeeper was a clone;  out here during the reign of terror per the adventure circumvention.

Tired but we kept on running even though it’s lonely out here;  we ignored the so called McGruff crime prevention.

We kept on stunning the naysayers during this adventure!!  but we didn’t put it down like those cats rushing the NSA dressed like women..

We kept on hunting and gathering during this adventure; check out the math we bring during this venture!! we’re not playing!!

I Was Told To Play On Player!!

*you’ve got to do your thing*

Borrowing a line from Isaac Hayes; (R.I.P)  he said you’ve got to do your thing...

Once Again It’s On!! the music plays and this good word is dropped!!  check out this BreakBeat Science a brotha will bring..

I won’t sing; there’s no tra la la la la per the Delfonics, please!! the rah rah rah per broken hearts is ironic!!  Broken Beats and Broken English will be the basis…

Once Again It’s On!!  it’s The Sonic Assault!!  as we use this as a vehicle to  release the pain and anguish..

Out There where the danger is;  I was told to Play On Player by these ATLiens; the vehicle? dude was  rolling up in a  Caddie Fleetwood Brougham..

O-Dog? he remixed Intergalactic funk per alien instructions, they told me what it do!! so  jazz, funk and hip-hop are used as vehicles;  O-Dog isn’t into the slow jam..

Whatcha know man? fools get caught up in corruptions from Washington to Yemen;  also, check the shady dealing from pimps and players on Wall Street..

Deja Vu like Denzil Washington; what it do? what it does? what’s happening on y’all’s street?

It’s not all sweet; even though due to technology / evolution  the Fleetwood Brougham is replaced by the Caddie Escalade..

Gamblers Are Out For A Fast Buck; at the end of the day? You’ll Get Played..

You’ll get betrayed; Goodluck Jonathan tries to get re-elected while dealing with Boko Haram, amongst chaos and mayhem,   it’ll never rest / so there’s no rest for us /  me…

Back in the day? Pops told me good luck son as I was  rolling through Louisville  / Cincinnati in the deuce and a quarter; he knew I  was on a rendezvous with destiny…

Back in the day? the system testing me like it does today; just because I was fresh and clean!!  fly gear from the House of Adam...

Manifest Destiny? back to the future, but still told to Play on Player, so I’m not acting brand new with ya!! please!! we’re  still dealing with karmic repercussions from Eve and Adam….

The Adventure

O-Zone?  I’m on an Exodus; fnding out how complex the sport is!! you might spot me passing through!

Discovery Zone explored; studying dark matter / galaxy cluster collisions!! so what’s up with us? the universe?  we’re blasting through…

*Out There; Outside The Box* avoiding a buster on a mission;  it was like I was outside the International Space Station taking a spacewalk..

Radio tuned into KISS 104.1 in Atlanta; they were playing the Jacksons; Michael in black face did the moonwalk..

…Before he started looking like Elizabeth Taylor; but that’s another story..

We’re in the heart of it; what? the hostile territory!! chronicles from the adventure? O-Zone  will tell the story..

We’re in the heart of it; God will need to be the pilot, like Germanwings Flight 9525 co-pilots will show malice..

Who started it? it’s not odd that adventures are taken, that’s how we’re working things!! but like the building collapse in New York somebody will blow up the palace..

We’re dearly departed but we haven’t  given up the ghost, we’re blue collar / putting work in, putting down this breakbeat scientific venture…

We heard what was said as some brag and boast, they thought they were immune like Aaron Hernandez up in New England, but caught out there after their latest adventure…

Told to act like I knew; George Zimmerman types try to say they’re an instrument of God…

The Mothership is  passing through!!  we’re not through dealing, we’re on an intergalactic adventure, but earthlings will think it’s odd!!

Blue Collar / Hard Work Is Put In PT .2

Social Engineering  was used; the media was casting us as clowns!!  but now we roll up on them…

Bringing a Small Army; equipped with beats and rhymes as blue collar /  hard work is put in!!   not in the HARP mortgage program but I’m *All Up In The House*  We’ve Got this  jazz, funk and hip-hop soul for them…

Maybe it got too cold for them; HAARP weather control? the Ice Age is in full effect; the Cold War is back…

Too young?  per AARP too old for them? It’s not a country for old men? Whose Checking For Them?  the system will try to hold them back…

Observing The Scene; Ready To Roll; we’re on our way; gathering speed..

Funk Seminars are conducted as we confront the corrupted; what’s up with it? We’ve Got What You Need..

True indeed!!  we’re just passing through, we can’t stay in this spot like Boko Haram trying to disrupt the election of Goodluck Jonathan!! what’s up man?   Reason Gave Way Too Madness…

Unleashed the Sonic Assault!!  blasting our way through!! blue collar / hard work is put in!!  that’s how these brothas are Dealing With The Madness..

Back with this!  in a spot where there’s *No Justice, No Peace*  but maybe sometimes?

Back With This!!  *Proceed and Continue*  But I’m Just Passing Through; staying strong in these dangerous times…

Staying strong dealing with dangerous minds; they’ll try to crash the plane like the co-pilot on Germanwings Flight 9525..

Not staying long, we’ve got work to do like The Isleys!! blue collar / hard work is put in, we didn’t shuck and jive..

DJ Brainchild’s Dego Mix – It’s All Over The Place Mixtape

Digital Crate Digging Continues!! we’re checking out DJ Brainchild’s and his  Dego Mix – It’s All Over The Place Mixtape. Check out the playlist and the mix…


1. Dego – Da Fuzz (feat. Matt Lord)
2. 1:35 – 4hero – Hold It Down (ft. Lady Alma) –…
3. 2:07 – Silhouette Brown – They Can’t Tell Us
4. 2:58 – DKD – Future Rage –…
5. *4:09 – Dego – DNP exclusive – Oh my God!
6. 5:28 – Dego – Love & Hate You (ft. Obenewa) –…
7. 7:37 – Dego – Sparkling Minds (ft. Georgia Anne Muldrow)
8. 8:30 – 4hero – Something In The Way (ft. Bembe Segue & Kaidi Tatham) –…
9. 9:45 – Silhouette Brown – Strawberries In Vinegar
10. *10:50 – 2000Black “Lose It” (feat. Face) –…
11. *13:48 – DKD – Natty Head –…
12. 14:57 – Dego – They Never Know (ft. Sarina Leah)
13.17:13 – Dego – We Are Virgo (ft. Kaidi Tatham) –…
14. *17:44 – Tek 9 – Interlude – Sounds like a Q-Tip beat (Dilla) –…
15. 18:52 – Dego – Whatever (ft. The Luv Bugz) –…
16. *19:53 – Capitol A – Doing It Up – Sounds like a Busta Rhymes beat (DJ Scratch) –…
17. 21:09 – Dego – Valentines exclusive –
*21:47 – Sounds like Dilla again
18. 23:05 – Dego – Pushing You To Begin (ft. Ferraz) –…
*Hypnotic – 25:23
19. 25:42 – 2000Black – So Right (ft. Ferraz) –…
20. 28:45 – MM Black – 2000 Black (ft. Roy Ayers)
*30:22 – Think about a… Think about a… CHANGE
21. 30:43 – 4hero – Universal Love (ft. Carol Cosby) –…
22. 32:26 – Tek 9 – You Got To Slow Down –…
23. *33:30 – Jacob’s Optical Stairway – Jacob’s Optical Illusion –…
24. 34:50 – Da One Away – Trash Da Junk –…
25. 36:58 – 2000Black – If You Got 3 Wishes –…
26. 38:10 – 2000Black – Forgot The Steel Pans
27. *39:53 – Focus – Having Your Fun (4hero Remix) –…
28. 41:48 – 2000Black – Got Me Puzzled (ft. Face, Dego & Kaidi) –…
29. 43:45 – Dego “Right From Wrong” (feat. Tosin Tao)
46:04 – It’s only right…30. *46:34 – Dego “Road Lessons” exclusive

Reel People Feat. Nathan Haines / Spiritual (Opaque Remix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues; we’re checking out this classic track from  Reel People Feat. Nathan-Haines  with a track called Spiritual (Opaque Remix) ..Let’s Go!!

Chilled Hip-Hop and Neo-Soul Mix #5

Digital Crate Digging Continues; we’re checking out this Chilled Hip-Hop and Neo-Soul Mix #5  courtesy of DJ Raphael.  It’s Going Down!! Check out the playlist and the mix.
1. 00:00 / The Motor Is Running – Tall Black Guy
2. 03:33 / Be Your Man (feat. Darien Brockington) – Zo!
3. 06:55 / Everytime (feat. Rahel) – Eric Lau
4. 09:42 / From Home, To Work, and Back… – Tall Black Guy
5. 12:10 / Find a Way – A Tribe Called Quest
6. 15:11 / The Right One (feat. J. Mitchell) – Freddie Joachim
7. 18:16 / Funeral Biz / Welcome To Detroit – Tall Black Guy
8. 21:35 / Texas Tea (The Badu Medley) – JBmBeatz
9. 23:20 / Treat You (feat. Caron Wheeler) – Omar
10. 26:45 / For Tina – Zo!
11. 28:20 / Change – Yolanda
12. 31:24 / The Lights (feat. Nicole Hurst & Myth & S1) – Nicolay & Kay
13. 34:55 / Butta Fat Vibes – Slakah the Beatchild & D10
14. 36:00 / Stage Flight – Zo!
15. 38:41 / I’m Cheatin’ (Remix) [feat. Slum Village] – Dwele
16. 43:15 / Lay It Down (feat. Estelle) – Omar
17. 47:29 / Peace and Quiet (feat. Stephanie Mckay) – DJ Spinna
18. 53:52 / I-94 East – Zo!