Get It Together PT.6

Caught Up; Caught Out There in inclement weather like its the Northeast; it’s cold!!  plus it’s rough out here per no civil rights charges against George Zimmerman!!

These brothas try to keep it righteous; some said whatever!! we’re still considered prime suspects!!  so how are you living?

The drum kit will make haters run it; when we pull out the Sonic Blackjack they’ll mess around and get jacked..

What’s up with it? like  Bill O’Reilly or even Rudy Giuliani haters run it; what?  their mouth!!  meanwhile we’re on to this;   *Blue Collar Work Is Put In*  Mechanical Engineering style!!  these brothas never slacked..

….Knowing the cards are stacked; please!!  *Gamblers Are Out For A Fast Buck*

That’s why I stay praying; That’s The Way I Make It; old girl said  *you can’t trust to luck*

Can’t trust the fast truck;  Dodge Ram.? Ford F-150?  they’ll  get recalled!! they’ll break down…

I Guess A Black Man Can’t Have No Peace” the brotha O-Zone will Break It Down…

“I Guess A Black Man Can’t Have No Peace* per Obama after  Keystone XL Pipeline bills get vetoed!! Republicans are like how dare that Negro!! soon authorities break down the door; you’ll get bumrushed…

But they can’t stop the Next Chapter as we Get It Together;  O-Dog has the Funk Seminar while O-Zone cold crushed…

Took our time  / never rushed;  as we Get It Together / Get Our House In Order…

Method To The Madness? We’ve Got It; using Industrial Strength to put it back in order..

Author: omanxl1

just a brotha dabbling in music, sports, politics and other spices of life...

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