Whether You Do or Don’t

It’s going down!!  it’s like Kanye West vs the Grammys;  somebody will damn ya whether you do or don’t.

O-Zone?  I’m not down here in Atlanta robbing folks in my *jammys* like dude in San Antonio  I’m forecasting snow in the Northeast like Al Roker !! telling you what the weather will do or don’t.

Right now?  it’s stormy or inclement so what’s the deal with it? O-Zone is coaching like Pops in San Antonio letting you know  that it’s  due to the ongoing reign.

….Of terror;  in love or war?  nothing is fair!!  New Edition asked you can you stand the rain?

Playing fair?  please jokers had New England Patriot type tactics but some of us play ourselves like Seattle Seahawks.

Then we want to brawl afterwards!!  strong arm muscling  per Memphis like a way to beat the Atlanta Hawks.

One call that’s all afterwards to Ken Nugent the attorney!!   the pitcher balks after throwing curves,  fastballs,  and sliders.

Or knuckleballs;  rocking out like Ted Nugent y’all!!  so who’ll ride for us?

We’re damned if we did or didn’t;  jokers were smitten but Rose Royce said love didn’t live here anymore.

We’re damned if we did or didn’t!!   but we were wise to the setup!!  we knew the score!

We’re damned if we did or didn’t!!  so we walked through the door anyway, moving on to the next!!

We’re damned if we did or didn’t!! whether we do or don’t!! we already knew the sport was complex!!


Author: omanxl1

just a brotha dabbling in music, sports, politics and other spices of life...

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