Aroop Roy – Dirty Groove

Sunday Jazz Continues; checking out some house music / future jazz from Aroop Roy -with the  Dirty Groove. Let’s Go!!

St. Germain – Sentimental Mood

Sunday Jazz Continues; checking out some jazz / house music from St. Germain -with a track called  Sentimental Mood : reflecting the mood I’m in. Let’s Go!!

Fred Everything – Lazy Days Podcast 28

Digital Crate Digging Continues; checking out some electro, souljazz and house music from Fred Everything -with the  Lazy Days Podcast 28. Check out the playlist and the mix..

1.Marbert Rocel – Let’s Take Off (Osunlade Remix) – Compost Black
2.Andre Lodemann – Where Are You Now (Jimpster Remix) – Best Works
3.Florence & The Machine – Spectrum (Maya Jane Coles Remix) – Island
4.Tornado Wallace – Rainbow Road (Lewie’s Bowser Castle Remix) – Instruments of Rapture
5.Willie Graff & Tucillo – Sunday Morning – Local Talk
6.Luke Solomon – Lonely Dancer (Ewan Pearson Remix) – Classic Music Company
7.Black Strobe – Boogie in Zero Gravity (Hot Toddy Remix) – Blackstrobe Records
8. Freak Seven – We Bring The Music (20:20 Vision Remix) – 20:20 Vision
9.Matthias Vogt – Wake Up Call (Ian Pooley Remix) – Large
*w/ Freak Seven (20:20 Vision Acapella)
10.Storm Queen – Let’s Make Mistakes – Environ
11.6th Borough Project – Home Alone – Instruments of Rapture
12.Black Sauce – Abigail (Andreas Saag Remix) – Soul Free



Showbiz and AG feat. KRS-One and Big Pun / Drop It Heavy

Digital Crate Digging Continues; excuse me while I have an old school hip hop moment; We’re checking out Showbiz and AG feat. KRS-One and Big Pun with Drop It Heavy. Let’s Go!!

Renegades Of Jazz – Hip To The Jive (Hugo Kant Remix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues; checking out this future jazz / hip hop jazz from the Renegades Of Jazz – with a track called Hip To The Jive (Hugo Kant Remix)..Let’s Go!!!

Chico Hamilton – Nomad

Digital Crate Digging Continues; were checking out the late great Chico Hamilton – with a track called Nomad, from his album of the same named. Check out the players and the track!!

Fuse One ‎– Ice

Digital Crate Digging Continues; checking out this smooth track from  Fuse One ‎– called Ice. Check out the players and the track…


That’s Where They Lost Me PT.3 (Out There)

The Saga / Struggle Continues; somebody might feel this!! like the Obama State Of The Union they might be on the same page..

I was all up in the spot looking at the menus; I could see what the deal is!! some are Out There!!  Lost!!  feeling the pain like Michael Brown’s parents with no federal charges apparent against Darren Wilson;  some might be feeling the same rage..

Out There!! Lost!!  it was like Green Bay Packers!! frozen like a tundra…

Out There!!  what’s the cost? Whose Part Of The Conspiracy? like Ted Cruz or Rand Paul they want to see us go under!!

That’s Where They Lost Me!! like Stevie Wonder I tried to move to Higher Ground…

That’s Where They Lost Me!!  now underground railroad riding per the upcoming Black History Month!! but were moving at a high velocity with the speed you need bringing Intergalactic Funk!!  a higher sound…

Higher up in the galaxy up on the Mothership;  avoiding haters in their World of Warcraft.

Exposing the fallacy; devils are opposing me! that’s where they lost me!!  we’re coming with that other math…

Coming down the path after getting the last laugh!!  rocking an old pair of Roca-Wear jeans, Nautica shirt and K-Swiss kicks!!  that’s what’s up with a brotha..

Coming through with the Soul Food for ya.;  but this is  not the Food Network per Barefoot Contessa..

Chefs cook meals in the  hell’s kitchen /  network; that’s where they lost me!! Conspiracy Theory?  now there’s more stress for  ya…

Praying;  That’s The Way We Make It!! might be the best strategy for ya..

Something Was Wrong / It Wasn’t Natural PT.2

Some are looking for closure;  but not just here in America per Ferguson and NYC Chokeholds!! some are trying to release strongholds in France,  plus check the ongoing circumstanes over in Nigeria…

The devil will oppose ya per the old school baptist preacher!! the devil and his advocates will reach ya with the mass hysteria!!

Who rose to the occasion?   they’ll kill a cougar like Kid Rock  after taking aim like the American Sniper in Iraq..

Something is wrong, it wasn’t natural; the rebuttal is the Sonic Assault!!  like John Cougar Mellencamp O-Dog will rock..

Composure maintained; a brotha is in the camp Just Maintaining; avoiding the Cloverfield Monster..

Acid rained due to the Perfect Storm manipulated by the New Type Mobster….

Dark Money / Big money gained;  now jokers are out eating lobster and shrimp enjoying the night….

Windows stained / blinds closed;  Some Tried To Live Without Light…

Something is wrong; it’s not natural!! from the urban blight / to sands of the Middle East / to oil fields in Nigeria..

Something is wrong; it’s not natural!! The Sonic Assault is unleashed!!  Oh Yeah!!! it’s funky!!  it meets the criteria..

In the A-Town?  homie used a Dodge Ram ripping out the ATM out of the wall at the Chevron station or even the  Bank Of America….

Others are skipping out; money owed on the mortgage after the rate adjusted!! check the foreclosure; now they owe Bank of America…

That’s Where They Lost Me PT.2

caught out there / that’s where they lost me

Good combination at first!!  money made!!  but the soul was lost…

Cons run in this nation?  just check Wall Street!! told the recipe for success? you need to front or floss..

That’s where they lost me; jokers didn’t tabulate the cost; now like the rest of us Americans they’re in heavy debt; damn near bankrupt!!

That’s where they lost me; more bankrupt than Trump!! I thought they knew!! this world is wicked / corrupt…

…..Let folks know with my Chronicles!! Gangsta or even I-20 ones;   we weren’t the ones!! Riddick didn’t have any thing to do with them!!

What’s the status? what’s up with these and those?  the apparatus  used them up like ISIS holding Japanese hostages;  I wanted no part of this, that’s where they lost me; now through with them…

As we Proceed and Continue to go through them!! what?  per James 1:12 the trials and tribulations..

Some were able to Move Forward; others were Caught Up In Unpleasant Situations..

Lost In Translation / Lost In Transition;  it wasn’t a Hot One…

Oh;  but it was a Hot Mess!!  whose Part Of The Conspiracy? Easy to spot one…

O-Zone.?  not the one to play games with these folk!!  this is not the Final Four or the Super Bowl!!

Please!!! the whole game is shady!! These gamblers are out for a fast buck!!  The Fight Was Fixed!!  just check the score!! Patriots have deflated balls?

Came through the door on this Mystic Voyage;  Hip To The Conspiracy, Wise To The Set Up!!  a brotha did the knowledge..

Came through on the Mothership: Out In The Mainstream it gets good mileage..

Others plunder and pillage the village; that’s where they lost me!!  why? because they’re Lost!!  so whose the real idiot?

Not under the influence so I’m not acting brand new with this!!  these brothas get Scientific with it…