Something Was Wrong / It Wasn’t Natural

Enhanced by Steroids; but something is wrong, it wasn’t natural!! soon facing charges like Barry Bonds and other home run hitting clones;

Sermon by Rev. Adenoids / J.Anthony Brown?  but not told about these androids or clones…

Avoiding drones!! stay strong!!  not paranoid up in these zones!!  wise to the setup / hip to the game;  you have to know what’s going down….

It’s ill down here in the A-Town / Dekalb County;  please!!! it’s crazy from Nigeria to Belgium but what can I tell them;  something is wrong but It’s Going Down!!

Obama and Cameron say they don’t play around; they’re taking out Islamic State Fighters; they said it’s going down…..

Check out the drama put down by a  bunch of pranksters; pulling capers in pajamas or with jeans hanging off their ass making it hard to run;  faking out in these streets; soon Caught Up In The System / Matrix after it went down…

Meanwhile New Type Gangsters get down!!   please!! Goldman Sachs execs clock dough even though the stock market is down…

You Know Those Gangsters Always Get Even;  books have to balance; that’s how they get down…

So we Get Down!!  doing what we do;  another episode of this Sonic Assault…

Throwing a sonic lifeline to these folks!!  they’re Out There where it’s not natural!!  that’s where they’re caught..

Caught Up In An Unpleasant Situation;  collateral damage done; some are Flippin Out…

Some can’t handle it; it’s not natural!! they’ll reach that point where they  can’t take it;  get out of Dodge;  slipping out.



Author: omanxl1

just a brotha dabbling in music, sports, politics and other spices of life...

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