Still Swinging The Sonic Blackjack

Bringing you a Knockout Message!! O-Dog is still swinging the Sonic Blackjack!!  Boom!! Boom!!  it’s a right hook like Marvelous Marvin Hagler’s

Giving you the Good Word!!  excuse me but it’s the dirty lowdown!! like Boz Skaggs song was..

Hater’s try to drag us into the abyss!!  they were waiting in the dark!! that’s where they chill at!!

….they’ll have you walk into a set up like ISIS targeting US military personnel here at home; Boom! Boom!  goes automatic gunfire!! ear shattering gunshots exploded!! the situation is out of control!!  feel that!!

It gets real like that!!  per this chain of command check the chain of events; coincidence is just another name for trouble..

Some are ill with that!!  like St Louis police vs the St. Louis Rams players who did the hands up don’t shoot gesture!!  so called authority figures are swaggin / frontin / flexin;  Someone will call their bluff!!  now the stress doubles.

The helicopter hovers  over the hood but in Ferguson its a no fly zone; plus jets launch attacks on ISIS in Iraq!!

Copters get shot down!!  Boom!!  Boom!!  bluffs get called!!  how you feel about that?

How will you deal with that? The Sonic Blackjack swings then I dipped on them;  like the Gap Band I burned rubber..

But I’m up in the hooptie,  the old school Toyota Camry!! my tires spin because they’re slick!! meanwhile some will get slick with this brotha…

No traction?  I limit interaction!!  some are sick!!  they’re on some other other!!

Chain Reactions are exhibited;  but I deal with it!! I knew coincidence is just another name for trouble..



Author: omanxl1

just a brotha dabbling in music, sports, politics and other spices of life...

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