The Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy / Socio-Genetic Experiment

Digital Crate Digging Continues; checking out some true school hip hop from  Michael Franti, Charlie Hunter and  Rono Tse aka   The Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy  with a track called Socio-Genetic Experiment….let’s go!!


Fresh Start; With A Fresh View and Fresh Vision

Damn!! I was too realistic!!  my emotions hardened;  like Boko Haram  married off the kidnapped girls what are some starting? who  has the rebuttal ??

I’m purging ill notions due to the ongoing transition by using a  **Fresh View**Fresh Vision** that’s what you’ll get from this brotha!!!

It’s based on being in the huddle with myself; now we’re running the play!!  it’s not intermission for a brotha!!! please!!!…**Work Is Put In**

This is what it do like SpaceShipTwo we’re on a mission!! we’re trying not to crash and burn!!  this brotha and my folk are still  hurtin!!!!!

No justice no peace per Ferguson? meanwhile I’m purging myself of the pain!!! but  due to reality checks that were cashed it’s **Scheduled With The Pleasure**

What’s up with us?  we’re maintaining a **Fresh Vision**….success?  like Tom Brady or Peyton Manning that’s what I’ll measure!!!!

What’s up with us? success is not determined by treasure!!! Oh No!!! not by the material!!!

The determining factor is **Peace** please!! this operation is somewhat spiritual!!!!

The determining factor? I prayed to God The Supreme Being!!!!  Grand Imperial!!!

Vision was once blurry!!! Now Corrected!!! Where did the fear go??

**Here We Go**Here We Go**…coming  out fresh with a brand new batch!! with a new  perspective!!!

**A Fresh Vision**Everyday**Everyday**… have to respect it; respect it!!!!

Like the Ebola outbreak the sickness is on them!!!  Who has the medicine?? the medicine???

Slickness? it’s  not just on them; business?  government?  doo-doo I step in!!!!!

But we make a fresh start!!  this**Fresh Vision** for **Everyday** is a good strategy!!!!

Please!! if you can feel me on this,  just holla at me!!!!!

Me and O-D-O-G provide the soundtrack for the **Fresh Vision**

Check O-DOG’S PODCAST….you don’t know what your missing!!!!!!!