The Brand New Heavies “Saturday Night” (Jay Dee remix feat. Mos Def)

Digital Crate Digging Continues; checking out The Brand New Heavies with a track called “Saturday Night” (Jay Dee aka J Dilla  remix feat. Mos Def) LET’S GO!!

Juju Orchestra, The Feat. Terry Callier / What Is Hip? (Mo’Horizons Latinstyle)

Digital Crate Digging Continues; checking out  The Juju Orchestra – What is Hip Feat. Terry Callier (Mo Horizons Latinstyle)


BLACK COFFEE soulful house DJ set in The Lab London

Digital Crate Digging Continues; checking out BLACK COFFEE soulful house DJ set in The Lab London presented by Mixmag

Ladies and gentleman? the brotha is laying it down!! no playlist just a DJ doing what he does!! enjoy!!


Clearance Rack Epiphanies / Pre Black Friday Sale

What’s up? check these  clearance rack epiphanies after jumping and recognizing!!  which is an episode at O-Dog’s Podcast!! I guess  this was meant to be!!!

We’ll freak this!! but not getting freaky like Bill Cosby, what will it cost me? what’s the deal with these?  time was spent in the lab!!  funky is how the sound will be!!!

It’s the Sonic Assault!!  perpetrated after the apparatus lost me!! check out the the sonic smash and grab!!  I’m in Atlanta but it’s like I’m in Ferguson!!  you’ve found me on the front lines..

Steady Bombardment of the Enemy Position is going down per these clearance rack epiphanies!! we’ll  hit them up like 2Pac!!  they fronted on mine!!

They were devil’s advocates doing the devil’s dirty work!! like plotting and scheming of ways to get around Obama’s immigration order!! their forces were in front and in back of mine!! to the right  to the left.!!

Check these Pre Black Friday Clearance Rack Epiphanies!!  how will a player deal with these? I dipped from Beyonce!!  she didn’t need to put my stuff to the left…

The response? how will these black men play? I was once posted up in the spot but I already left the premises just like Superman did!!

….Like Michael Jordan back in the day;  some said Kobe is back in the way but him and The Lakers  schooled Atlanta and Houston: What It Do? What It Did?

Rocking Nike Air Maxes off the clearance rack  not Jordans!! I’m a skid row veteran!!  I wasn’t affording the high prices!!

Once Again / Once Again It’s On!!  a previous episode at my satellite station!!  a brotha prevailed during the crisis..

Checking out the Fresh View with a Fresh Vision  with my iris!!  the third eye blinking!!

How was a brotha living? Out In The Mainstream Of Mathematics?  a brotha did some deep thinking..

Epiphanies are put on the clearance rack before Black Friday!! check how this black man will play!! Now the funk is stinking!! once again we’re back with this!!  it don’t stop / it don’t stop!!

It’s the Sonic Assault;  This Was Meant To Be.!! a problem? naw!!  it’s not!!!

Parliament – Aqua Boogie (12″ Inch Version)

Digital Crate Digging Continues; *never learrned to swim* couldn’t catch the rhythm of the stroke*   Sir Nose said he couldn’t swim or dance!! whatever!! We’re dropping this genuine / authentic funk from Parliament – with Aqua Boogie (12″ Inch Version)…Let’s Go!!

Thievery Corporation – The Heart’s A Lonely Hunter (louie vega remix)

Digital Crate Diggging Continues; checking out some electrojazz / house music from the Thievery Corporation – with The Heart’s A Lonely Hunter (Louie Vega remix)

Waiting On The Smoke To Clear PT.2 (Winds Of Change)

As we proceed and continue!! I’m waiting on the smoke to clear!! winds of change will blow them away!!  then we’ll be using a Fresh View / Fresh Vision!!

Check the menu!! that’s the ticket / the strategy;  like Bill Cosby rape victims from the past coming forward the concept is revisited!!!

Check the menu; drop down or table of contents!! negative naysayers say this concept is prohibited by law!!

Please!!!. like the Missouri state of emergency? next thing you know your victimized by martial law…

What was it that the Marshall saw? smoke and mirrors come into play!! images were manipulated by Adobe Photoshop…

O-Zone / O-Dog?  just waiting on the smoke to clear!! but check out the  BreakBeat Science when the beat is dropped.

What’s really going on? smoke and mirrors have some confused!! players flopped like Blake Griffin!!

…Soon confronted by Trevor Booker types that didn’t believe hypes!! soon we found out they’re a fake griffin!!

Flagrant agents shirtfronted a crook like Tony Abbott vs Vladimir Putin!! accused of being a pussy like Dwight Howard by other NBA players!!

Fake ones flossed and fronted like the GOP but get defeated like Keystone XL pipeline legislation!!!  now they want to say prayers!!

Meanwhile layers of snow blanket half of the country; winds of change were blowing in the storms…

Players like me roll down I-20 in Atlanta in the hooptie listening to War’s  City Country City waiting on the smoke to clear!!  but so much is going on I don’t know what the norm is!!


Black Uhuru cuts from the MIDNIGHT RAVER vinyl vaults

Checking out this dub / roots reggae from Black Uhuru courtesy of the Midnight Raver blog!!


Midnight Raver


Several vinyl cuts from Jah Raver’s vinyl collection featuring interesting and noteworthy Black Uhuru selections.

The first appears on Black Uhuru’s debut album LOVE CRISIS which was released in 1977 on the Jammy’s label.  The single, released on a Jammy’s 7″ 45 rpm vinyl record, is credited to Black Sound of Ultro, one of several names the group experimented with before deciding on Black Uhuru.  To read more check my interview with Uhuru founder Garth Dennis.



The second tune is Michael Rose performing Bob Marley’s “Sun Is Shining” backed by Sly & Robbie.  Issued on a Hitbound 7″ in 1974.  According to Sly, he was producing tracks for Michael Rose and his brother in 1974.  After his brother tragically died in a car crash, Rose focused on…

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