They Couldn’t Stand The Pungent Odor PT.3

I was all up in the spot with all these other citizens  bearing witness to the pungent odor.

It was breakfast time; it smelled  like salmon and boiled eggs!!  plots and schemes were foiled!!  they didn’t have legs!! these  jokers were just trying to get over.

That’s per Curtis Mayfield and the Superfly theme; break a leg they told the American Idol wannabes!!  meanwhile I keep grinding dropping this brand new funk.

I’m minding and tending but I still play the field like Willie Mays making basket catches!!  ATLiens  that were at the OutKast concerts at Centennial Olympic Park said I get crunk.

Check the fresh batches of beat blending and good word dropping!! I still laid down the Lebron James type dunk!!  I even change the scenery like he went back  to Cleveland.

The apparatus is still playing games!!  no justice no peace!!  there’s no rest for you!!  so what do you believe in?

Check the status; check the fragrance!! damn!  the residue from the pungent odor is evident.

Salmon and eggs are dominate!! you can’t fake this!!  running this marathon?  good legs are needed to dominate!!  who’s benevolent?

An Atlanta  Falcon fan begs their defense to stop someone!! Teddy Bridgewater was representing Louisville to the ultimate!!

Understand a brotha? as we go on the offensive dropping this brand new funk!! using it as a bridge over troubled waters per Simon and Garfunkel!! aliens told us how the funk should go so we’re doing it!!

It’s all based on going through it!! sometimes the situations stinks!! just like the salmon and egg odor in the building..

The odor was pungent!! some of us couldn’t stand it but we prevailed!!  we had faith!! we kept it moving!! we weren’t stopping or yielding!!

Author: omanxl1

just a brotha dabbling in music, sports, politics and other spices of life...

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