Taking The Wrapper Off PT. 6 (Concepts Are Revisited)

Concepts are revisited; somebody took the wrapper off!!  they’re acting brand new with it.

They’ll roll like Putin up in Ukraine!!  or they’ll play it like Tiny Tim and tip toe through the tulips.

Purple Rain falls per Prince;  meanwhile Kanye West needed proof for your circumstance!! as ATLiens mix up the purple drank.

Debatable circumstances were contemplated after the reign began with a drizzle;  were we being built or torn down?  what do you think?

Devil dances are met with scorn;  why were they rolling like that to begin with?

Next level advances  are made by this brotha;  placing bets like Las Vegas per Floyd Mayweather? I’m the one to win with!

But the next devil is mad!!  they said I’m acting brand new!!  so  like Obama’s Islamic State Strategy I face every possible obstacle.

I was just acting like I knew;  when you “holla at me” you’ll see I’m rolling with the higher power!!  so anything is possible.

The deliberate falsehood was plausible until evidence showed otherwise!! last minute / hour heroics by the wise and otherwise come up short

Who’s acting false in the hood? geeked up off altered Swishers and Dutch Masters? wrappers were left on the ground along with losing  scratch off / lottery tickets and empty Taakaa vodka bottles  after some found out about the complex sport

I take the wrapper off the sword of truth that’s  carried in the midst of so many falsehoods; I didn’t abort the mission..

I take the wrapper off!! acting brand new is the proof!!! but I was considered arrogant and aloof!! I guess I made a bad impression






Author: omanxl1

just a brotha dabbling in music, sports, politics and other spices of life...

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