Get It Together PT.3 (Get Down!!)

What it do?  we need to get it together!!  we need to get down y’all !!

What it do?  we had to do the knowledge;  we had to do the math after the downfall.

The drama goes down like James Bond / Skyfall; who’s really down y’all? after the drama went down forces scattered.

Irrational fears led to mind blowing decisions per Heatwave; Skynet was on to y’all!! now  egos were bruised and battered.

Negroes get used; hopes and dreams are shattered!! an irrational one like Tony Stewart steers the vehicle in the wrong direction.

Local, national, international, and intergalactic drama jumps off!! some took instructions from Usual Suspects /   Keyser Söze  types in their search for perfection.

It’s going down in my section as the usual suspects per jokers like  Danny Ferry and Bruce Levinson of the Atlanta Hawks talk the other way.

What it do?  I have some African in me like Luol Deng!!  so they’ll play me the other way.

I play it another way!!  please !! the brotha O-Dizzle is trying to get down

A brotha is trying to get it together;  rebuking the negativity that’s going down.

A brotha is trying to get it together!! I won’t let a coin flip determine my fate like Texas vs UCLA!!

Another said whatever!! but soon the mothership will land and it’ll be too late!! aliens told us how the funk should play…

Author: omanxl1

just a brotha dabbling in music, sports, politics and other spices of life...

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