They Couldn’t Stand The Pungent Odor PT.3

I was all up in the spot with all these other citizens  bearing witness to the pungent odor.

It was breakfast time; it smelled  like salmon and boiled eggs!!  plots and schemes were foiled!!  they didn’t have legs!! these  jokers were just trying to get over.

That’s per Curtis Mayfield and the Superfly theme; break a leg they told the American Idol wannabes!!  meanwhile I keep grinding dropping this brand new funk.

I’m minding and tending but I still play the field like Willie Mays making basket catches!!  ATLiens  that were at the OutKast concerts at Centennial Olympic Park said I get crunk.

Check the fresh batches of beat blending and good word dropping!! I still laid down the Lebron James type dunk!!  I even change the scenery like he went back  to Cleveland.

The apparatus is still playing games!!  no justice no peace!!  there’s no rest for you!!  so what do you believe in?

Check the status; check the fragrance!! damn!  the residue from the pungent odor is evident.

Salmon and eggs are dominate!! you can’t fake this!!  running this marathon?  good legs are needed to dominate!!  who’s benevolent?

An Atlanta  Falcon fan begs their defense to stop someone!! Teddy Bridgewater was representing Louisville to the ultimate!!

Understand a brotha? as we go on the offensive dropping this brand new funk!! using it as a bridge over troubled waters per Simon and Garfunkel!! aliens told us how the funk should go so we’re doing it!!

It’s all based on going through it!! sometimes the situations stinks!! just like the salmon and egg odor in the building..

The odor was pungent!! some of us couldn’t stand it but we prevailed!!  we had faith!! we kept it moving!! we weren’t stopping or yielding!!

The Concept Combination: Life Is Hectic / No Justice No Peace

Check out the concept combination;  first of all like  Ukraine citizens?  life is hectic.

But check the situation;  there’s no justice no peace mane!!  old dude up in Louisville told me not to expect it.

Intuition is kicking in;  I’m chilling out!! I’m  trying not  to flip like Geno Smith!!  its a must that coping strategies  be robust.

This next level mission will be opposed per this good word being composed;  even though the dollar says in God We Trust.

The next devil interrupted my American Dream;  busted and disgusted will be the outcome.

Life is hectic  plus there’s no justice no peace!!   O-Dizzle had to pull out the drum.

Per New Orleans Saints fans mad about the Dallas loss the doldrums try to interfere with these proceedings!!  as we see what the new season will bring.

…Per Ferguson; how’s it working son?  no justice no peace for my kind!!  as we see what the treason will bring.

Deductive reasoning will bring the solution; please!!  we had to do the knowledge.

Whats up with it? we do the damn thing!! the mothership gets good mileage!

Corrupted seasoning due to Louisville  / Newburg upbringing has my kind disrespected.

Concepts were explained to the homie from Alabama that liked to say Roll Tide!!  they understand a bruh when I say there’s no justice and no peace!!  plus life is hectic.

Somewhere In Between

Damn!! it seems we’re in a holding pattern like jets near Hartsfield Jackson Airport in Atlanta!!

But what’s up with the chemtrails from the worlds largest airport? oh yeah!!   is it Brian Howard’s fault for trying to set the fire at the Chicago airport?  who’s fair in the sport?  inquiring minds want to know these things ..somebody might understand a bruh.

I’m observing the scene;  soon I’ll be ready to roll!!  I’m on my way like the People’s Climate March they had in NYC.

Now check the climate!! I didn’t climb it!! what? Mt. Ontake in Japan!! the volcano erupted!!  to the hikers found? R.I.P

Now check the climate!!  some of these ATLiens were  fake!!  now corrupted!! criminal minded / you’ve been blinded per KRS-1 / BDP?

Peace? I’m trying to find it!! where?  somewhere in between!!  observing the grey area scenarios;  you heard me?

Somewhere in between Syria and Iraq like ISIS with their compounds being bombed?

Check the mass hysteria;  I’m rolling down I-20 in Atlanta in the hooptie with the bass booming!!  Decatur thought it was being bombed!

Somewhere in between a thug and scholar caught up because of a dollar!!  they had us coming and going.

Somewhere in between success and failure; in the mothership?  I sail on!!  still going for what I’m knowing.

Somewhere in between a brotha will get scientific like a cloaking device!! but knowing opposition will be met per Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather…

Somewhere in between? next level business is conducted!!  these days? it’s going down in any kind of weather!!



Victor Feldman’s Generation Band ‎– High Visibility

Sunday Jazz Continues …checking out some of this jazz funk / jazzdance from Victor Feldman’s Generation Band ‎– with a track called High Visibility. Check out the players and the track!!


Mark de Clive-Lowe / The Processional

Sunday Jazz Continues; as we check out Mark de Clive-Lowe  with  The Processional.  This is from his Church alum. Very relevant for today!! Check out the following statement  from the artist;

The Processional (from the Mark de Clive-Lowe album CHURCH)

“Featuring some of my favorite LA musicians, ‘The Processional’ is an homage to some of the greats that came before me. Specifically – Alice Coltrane, Joe Henderson, McCoy Tyner and J Dilla. In some senses it’s a concept piece, consciously holding those inspirations in mind. Low Leaf guests on harp and brings that Alice Coltrane undercurrent to the whole piece while Miguel Atwood- Ferguson on viola and Josiel Perez Hernandez on trumpet take the role of the horns. It’s a mood- setting entrance piece with a definite head nod factor with the synth bass and beats anchoring the whole thing.”

CHURCH is out worldwide now (mashibeats/ropeadope):

Bandcamp (2LP vinyl/CD/digital):

The Corporation (Misery Loves Company)

So what’s the deal? misery loves company!!  now they’re trying to start a corporation.

Papers were filed with the proper authorities;  meanwhile colonials try to confiscate territories!! they feel like they had an obligation.

ATLiens styled and profiled per the OutKast concert at Centennial Olympic Park!!  meanwhile we continue to rock the nation!!  actually these world citizens will rock  the universe.

Meanwhile the breakbeat scientific menu rebukes an irrational one trying to introduce the curse..

Meanwhile the punishment glutton’s invitations are returned to sender;  plus we weren’t mad at the messengers.

We know what’s up with it!!  some are caught up in the system / matrix;  they’re just doing their jobs even when they front on these hot messengers.

During the ongoing hot mess?  The Lord is blessing us!!  so we remain independent.

We didn’t join the company misery was starting;  like  regulators deferring to Goldman Sachs  they had it made!! but we’re  refusing to be a co-defendant or co-dependent.

The drum will be a history making instrument used by O-Dog as we deal with it; what? the status quo..

The run was considered a good one until Benghazi gun running exposed it!! ISIS was a benefit of quid pro quo..

The run was considered a good one!! but I was hood one!!  I’m funky drumming and dropping this good word!! but check the crisis!!

Now everybody was miserable!! papers were filed to start a corporation!! we fight back with this thesis!

Extraordinary PT.3 (Here We Go Again)

Damn!  here we go again!! heard in the  *Chuck D Voice*   they said we’re acting extra !! I told them it’s extraordinary.

There’s no where to run or hide!! you can’t avoid this!! players find out the sport is complex!!  especially if their game is just the ordinary.

What are they trying to do?  oh some stepped their game up like Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash back for the Lakers; but what’s up with these fakers?  it seems they’ve found out what they’re working with!

Plenty of tools in their toolbox like the coalition against the Islamic State!! plenty of assets in their portfolio!!  so whatcha working with?

Plenty of rules out!!  but  a fool like Brian Howard at the FAA in Chicago still knocks the hustle!! shutting down flights in the Midwest!!  but they were being used as an instrument.

They called themselves doing extraordinary things!!  but at the end of the day?  it’s to their detriment.

The establishment said they didn’t follow proper procedures!! damn!! these shadetree mechanics weren’t “Mr Goodwrenching”

We “holla back with it”  what?  breakbeat science!!  after the outcome was like the Oklahoma beheading;  gruesome and  gut wrenching.

Penny pinching, po pimping / parking lot pimping is going down over on Glenwood Road in Decatur!!  some were supposedly catching passes like Ozzie Newsome before he protected Ray Rice..

This is not a simple thing!! we continue to deal with the Deliberate Falsehood;  jokers were like acting false in the hood like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul!! so what’s up y’all? it “aint nothing nice”

But extraordinary things are done as we cruise through the universe reversing the curse!! that’s based on Louisville / Newburg default settings.

We’re doing extraordinary things!!  not normal, abnormal  but paranormal!! unconventional!! on our watch?  history is not repeating.

Extraordinary PT. 2 (The Art Is Revolutionary)

As we proceed and continue!!  agreements concerning my freedom are not arbitrary.

True indeed!!  breakbeat scientific principles are maintained!!  this art is revolutionary.

These measures taken are extraordinary!! but over in the hood they said we were acting extra.

These pleasures and pains were real!!  were not faking!!  we weren’t  singing to the honey per  the Temptations Can’t Get Next To You.

Feeling the Joy and Pain per Frankie Beverly and Maze; we’re out here in a maze!  it’s a complex sport we play due to the Temptations Ball of Confusion.

…and the band played on as the Titanic sinks;  some think it’s so amazing per Luther!!  but to me?  it’s not amusing.

Fanatics were tripping!!  I stay one step ahead of them when cruising down I-20 in Atlanta.

The moves I make are extraordinary!!  some say it’s extra but they don’t understand a brotha

O-Dizzle shows and proves; but like Eric Holder resigning opposition will be met!! where did the mothership land a brotha?

What’s the dizzle? O-Zone is co-signing the mission statement with this good word!! was it like Tim Duncan co-signing for Danny Ferry after he fronted on a brotha?

What’s the dizzle? clones  were dressed alike plus they followed the rules and regulations; meanwhile drones blow up ISIS equipment in Syria that the US funned to them through Benghazi!!

Meanwhile I moved on to the next in a sport that’s complex; I’m doing extraordinary things but jokers said I’m acting extra!!