They Couldn’t Stand The Pungent Odor

Old girl started spraying the can of Lysol;  it was the old school / original fragrance.

She said she couldn’t stand the pungent odor!!  meanwhile these jokers try to get over!! like police in the St. Louis area killing the unarmed teen?  they’ll fake this.

Check out how I break this off!!  like the Aquarius Super Full Moon it’s part of the scientific process.

O-Dog is the funky type of soul brother!!  he’s dedicated to the truth and not nefarious like a Oscar Pistorius type of  fool!! soon  he will go off with this.

Some go off!! pistols were shot into the air as ear shattering gunshots exploded!! my dogs were heard saying they’re off this and that!!  reality is altered.

What’s that smell in the air?  this good word  is dropped in response to the madness;  I’m ready to roll after observing the scene but it left my perception altered.

The deception was evident per ebola vaccines;  a fake one was trying to run a game.

The reception was benevolent as I dipped through Macon on the way to the Seaboard;  as I took a break from the game.

It smelled like cabbage and bacon all up in the spot amd  then old girl added Lysol.

It was the original fragrance as jokers fake this;  I’m hip to that style though.

Some are fake with this!!  like Kevin Ward you’ll get run over by Tony Stewart types!! they’re foul though!!  soon a hostile takeover of the Gaza Strip?  Hamas will flip..

Who can stand the pungent odor? O-Dizzle is trying to get over!! rebuking the hostile takeover  per instructions from aliens telling me how the funk should go!! now we put it down like this!!



Author: omanxl1

just a brotha dabbling in music, sports, politics and other spices of life...

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