The Exit Strategy PT.2 (The Implementation)

I’m all up in the spot!! I’m gonna play it  like my buddy J-Mac!!  I’m trying to come up with an exit strategy.

Like Jay-Z and Beyonce divorce rumors I know the block will get hot!!  things will fall apart like leaving Afghanistan and Iraq!!  jokers will want me to come back!!  they’ll holla at me.

..They’ll  even throw a dollar at me!!  then try to play me like Dave Chappelle.

Who’ll break it down? who’ll holler at ya? word from Katt Williams!!  he had a story to tell.

Word!!  were hip to that shady dealing plus jokers try to play me like I’m through dealing!!  they want me to fail.

Enough rope was supplied to hang myself per Stephen A Smith;  cards were placed on the table!!  they even wanted me to deal!!

But those cards were marked!!  even though the Brooklyn Funk Essentials said the Revolution Was Postponed Because Of Rain at least one was sparked.

Like Louisville Cards I’m winning championships ! scientific is how a bruh gets!!  now I’m ready to slide off !! an exit strategy is the solution!! my mind is sparked…

This Louisville brotha parked the mothership down here in the ATL but actually I’m worldwide with it…

Actually I’m intergalactic with it like the European Space Agency’s Rosetta spacecraft posted up near the C-G Comet.

Exit strategies are implemented like Wesley Snipes in Expendables 3 as the aura is defended!! check the good word from O-Zone not endorsed by Rosetta Stone!!  like Russia banning US food and European fruit and vegetables? we’re on it!!

Author: omanxl1

just a brotha dabbling in music, sports, politics and other spices of life...

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