Caught In A Moment Of Time / Easy Like Sunday Morning

Were caught out there!!  damn!!  we’re caught in a moment of time.

It’s a critical stage if development; we’re  trying to move to the next level with it!! I’m going on with mine.

Writing this on a Sunday Morning when it’s supposed to be Easy like the Commodores but it’s pitiful!! like the Gaza Strip land mines and IEDs litter the landscape !!

Some are in mourning as we try to exercise power like a forward per Alonzo Mourning or was he a center? as we continue to be interfered with by those that hate.

What it do?  jokers usually aren’t checking for me unless it’s the by-product of hate…

What it do? capers are pulled; who’s wrecking the getaway vehicle like it was a Tesla Model X  as investors continue to debate..

We’re dealing with the drama that’s manufactured like Republicans debating the  so called immigration crisis!!

We’re dealing with the drama even on this Sunday morning that’s supposed to be easy! please believe me we’ve already been paying the prices!!

Might have to contact Clark Howard as far as the price gouging is concerned! during the process my conduct a hater will stress due to stereotypical principles.

We know how the last hour can get!! so check out the rebuttal to the madness!!  armchair quarterbacks weren’t in the huddle when we bring these breakbeat scientific principles.

Check out this rebuttal against policies and procedures that so-called invincibles implemented.

Were caught up in a moment of time trying to be Easy like Sunday morning!! trying to deal with it.


Author: omanxl1

just a brotha dabbling in music, sports, politics and other spices of life...

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