MIguel Atwood-Ferguson Ensemble featuring Flying Lotus “Drips/Take Notice”

Sunday Jazz Continues; checking out this smooth track from the Miguel Atwood-Ferguson Ensemble featuring Flying Lotus with a track called  “Drips/Take Notice”  Thundercat also joins them putting in work on bass. Check it out!!

Taking Up The Slack / Staying On Top Of The Situation

Unlike Obama with a strategy for ISIS it’s going down,  as I usually tell you!!  so who’s listening?

It was hard to get down during this ongoing crisis!!  some said I’m dirty or dusty while they’re shiny and glistening.

So fresh and so clean like OutKast!  but others are treated like an outcast!! the drama?  some are revisiting like a Labor Day family reunion.

Some even extended invitations;   now check it out as corporations purge their payrolls!!  they weren’t worried about a union.

We’re taking up the slack!!  we stay on top of these situations as the apparatus plays with souls like its some kind of game.

I’m out here but nobody was checking for me;  unless it’s like  Obama concerning riots in Ferguson!! they wanted someone to blame.

Word from this veteran in the game now coaching as Armageddon is approaching.

We stay on top of these situations!! but  like Russia up in Ukraine the enemy is encroaching.

They were heard asking ; guess who’s back??  but it’s not Kotter; check the thermostat ,  it got hotter!!

We’re taking up the slack!! O-Zone is not a slacker; just your neighborhood blogger!!

We’re taking up the slack!! not a crimestopper like McGruff the Crime Dog; but O-Dog will call your bluff!!!!

He has the funk like Roger Troutman; so rough and so tough!!!


Yarbrough and Peoples – Don’t Stop The Music (Long Version)

Digital Crate Digging Continues; checking out some classic soul / funk on this Friday Night  from Yarbrough and Peoples – with Don’t Stop The Music (Long Version). Let’s Go!! 

Masters At Work Boiler Room London DJ Set

Digital Crate Digging Continues; checking out this Masters At Work Boiler Room London DJ Set. They’re getting it in ladies and gentleman. They’re dropping this classic house music; no playlist just enjoy man!!


Souls of Mischief and Adrian Younge – Time Stopped – There Is Only Now

Digital Crate Digging Continues; Bay Area up in ths piece!! we’re checking out Souls of Mischief and Adrian Younge – wit their project called Time Stopped – There Is Only Now. The  tracklisting is on the video. It can be purchased at  iTunes: geni.us/ihH

It’s hot y’all!! just in time for HeiroDay out in Oakland!!  West Coasting y’all! check it out y’all!!


Charles Earland / Sing A Simple Song

Digital Crate Digging Continues; I’m caught up in some soul jazz / checking out  organist Charles Earland -with Sing  A Simple Song. Check out the players and the track.


Get It Together

What it do? we need to get it right per the Michael Brown shooting!!  we need to get it together.

If not?  check out the results!! like Hurricane Cristobal if it  hits  land  we’re caught out in the inclement weather.

Haters say whatever!!  they continue to do what they do!! drinking Cristal and dancing with the stars!! but they didn’t  really have it like that!!  meanwhile Ebola is running rampant but they weren’t worried about the repercussions.

Now check the debatable circumstances;  are they being built or torn down?  check the sound!  O-Dog had the percussions.

We let you know what it do per these discussions;  those snitching or whistleblowing? they  need to STFU!

We ask you;  what it do?  who left the gate open? damn!!  they need to shut the front door!

….then they should lock the back one;  we’re back son!!  and we’re here to put it down like this

Were just trying to get it together;  somebody has to fight this.

We’re where the light is!!  but some are fascinated by the dark!!  they’re heard saying My!! My!! My!! like Johnny Gill ;

How will we respond?  why ask why?? to even worry about that would be ill!!!

We’re Chilling Out!!  trying to get it together;  we’re not worried about them!!  they should worry about us!!

Chilling out!! Still Waters Run Deep per the Four Tops but there are no ice bucket challenges during a drought!!  but O-Dizzle drops funk, jazz and he hip hops!! but like  that old school preacher once said; only the devil is opposed to us!


The Detroit Experiment / Midnight At The Twenty Grand

Sunday Jazz Continues; we’re checking out this smooth track from the The Detroit Experiment called Midnight At The Twenty Grand.

The Detroit Experiment featured various Detroit jazz / funk and soul artists coming together to put it down. Much respect to the city of Detroit considering everything they’ve went through lately. Check out the players and the track..
Bass – Jaribu Shahid  / Drums – Karriem Riggins  / Percussion – Francisco Mora Catlett  

Piano [Fender Rhodes] – Amp Fiddler  / Synthesizer – Carl Craig  / Trumpet – Marcus Belgrave




Is This Some Kind Of Weird Science? PT.2

This not some kind of weird science!! please!!  breakbeat scientific principles are followed.

It’s the essence of this discipline per Eric B and Rakim;  O-Deezy went easy on the cut!!  no mistakes are allowed.

ATLiens styled and profiled per their reality shows;  hustlers were hustling and players playing.

So whatcha saying?  if the science is weird you’ll feel the backlash!! so start praying.

So whatcha saying?  give back the cash they paid you to look the other way!!  your  like a brotha or sista working for Fox News!

So whatcha saying?  tires get slashed and windows were knocked out of cars; supposedly concerning love but some will feel the blues.

Egos get bruised!!  like scientists accused of conducting flawed research per autism and vaccines!  or  other alleged weird studies.

Negroes get bruised or battered like Ferguson Missouri; how’s that working son? it’s  corrupting what one does with these.

…Or those;  knowing the devil will oppose!!  so per the old school Baptist preacher we govern ourselves accordingly.

This science is far from weird!! due to Louisville / Newburg default settings plus spiritual baptisms these  jokers were mad because we didn’t recognize where the border will be.

The Lord will order my steps but  I need to keep it moving and stop being stubborn.

Breakbeat science is dropped;  it’s not weird!!  it’s based on the lessons I learn.