“Time 2 Swing” ~ Electro Swing Mix…by Oskar Koch

Digital Crate Digging Continues…still in a Sunday Jazz mood…but I’m also ready swing!! So..I’m checking out this “Time 2 Swing” ~ Electro Swing Mix….courtesy of  Oskar Koch

Oh!! it’s on and popping!! something old and new…retro-futuristic!! check out the playlist and the mix…

↪ Tracklist:
00:00 ~ Mestizo & Mike Gao – Pick Up 52’s
02:03 ~ Tape Five – Tequila (Gardener Of Delight Remix)
03:39 ~ The Jivers feat. Anqui – Do What
05:59 ~ Nekta – Guess Who
08:00 ~ Parov Stelar – Booty Swing
10:49 ~ 5 In Love Swing – What You Got (Cab Canavral Remix)
13:25 ~ Bart Christopher – Columbus (Squirrels & Onions Remix)
15:22 ~ Jesse Rose – Touch My Horn
17:13 ~ Lena Horne – I Want a Little Doggie (Remix)
20:20 ~ Gramophonedzie – Street Lady
22:42 ~ Star Wars – Cantina Band (Noize Tank Remix)
23:43 ~ Parov Stelar – Happy End


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