The Exit Strategy

Here we go again…caught in a moment of time…trying to develop an exit strategy…

Here we go again…the mothership is gassed up…funky sounds blasted up in that piece!! so you know thought and fashion police will “holla at me”.

…As the dude gets scientific the apparatus will throw a dollar at me..thinking everything will be alll good…

Check this veteran in the game..I’ve been here for a minute coaching …I was aware of the deliberate falsehood..

Soaking up game while marinating ..seeing how it all works..seeing how it all hurts…I spotted the collateral damage…

Cloak and dagger in the game..secrets revealed like Edward Snowden..meanwhile we drop this breakbeat science…doing damage..

Avoided a joker with the dagger per O-Jays Backstabbers..we keep doing what we do..we manage to slide through the portal…

Avoiding a joker trying trying to suspend us like FIFA did Nigeria..some contribute to the confusion / mass hysteria..that’s how the sport will go…

Some saw us go for broke…last year it was West Coasting …this year Seaboarding…dipping down I-95 from Jacksonville to Charleston…

Stopping in Savannah for a minute..some want to holla at Paula Deen’s spot where the N-Words fly..they’re full of jive…didn’t know the real deal…who’s trying to start one?

She did..she moved..started her on network…others can’t get work..or they’ll get 10 years like Ray Nagin

Meanwhile we moved on to the next…check the exit strategy in a sport that’s complex..that’ll work…slow learners were asking..whatcha saying?


Author: omanxl1

just a brotha dabbling in music, sports, politics and other spices of life...

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