Bleach and Penicillin PT.2 (The Smell Lingers )

Were all up in the spot …once again it’s on!!   the strategy is minding and tending.

…That’s  per old girl spraying the Lysol with the original fragrance due to the epidemic!!  but I also smell bleach and penicillin.

The smell lingers…can we take this? like the OKC Thunder beaten by San Antonio it seems some are through!!  the illness had them one way or another.

Don’t smell the fingers…everybody’s hands are dirty!!’s out of control!! I’m acting like I knew!!  it’s either physical, mental, or spiritual …jokers act like they’re on some “other other”

Who will work with me? actually?  I’m on some “other other”  too!!  doing what I do!!  check the status.

Of course this keeps me in trouble!!  but I won’t resign like Eric Shinseki or Jay Carney.. I continuously bump heads with the apparatus.

Plus merchants of trouble “holla at this”  like Carl Icahn and Phil Mickerson?  but I’m not buying what they’re selling.

Actually these dream merchants are selling these clearance rack epiphanies…while Donald Sterling types make a mess!! now  custodians pull out the bleach and penicillin.

Tires screech due to the ATL shady dealings…the old church van was used in the smash and grab..either Virgin Remy or designer jeans triggered the sense of purpose…

Tired ones reach to throw punches!! ..but there arms are too short to box with God..but check out how we work this…

Science is dropped…others had hunches..or they were misled…now they’re waiting in the dark..

Succumbing to the smell of bleach and penicillin in the home of the shady dealing? victimized by those hating…the smell left a mark…


Author: omanxl1

just a brotha dabbling in music, sports, politics and other spices of life...

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