Foggy Weather

The weather was foggy when I wrote this.. it reminded me of the bigger picture.

Whatever is how this Captain’s Log will be!! like the Royal Thai Army taking over in Thailand..the smoke was enhanced by a mirror.

Whatever said the ATLien!!  he was macking!!  gorilla pimping with the horror and terror..he said its rough out here per Hustle and Flow.

He’s preaching to the choir as I watch the shot clock expire per Landon the game over like McNabb, Donovan? this hustler already knows.

Oh yeah!!  this brotha is chilling out in the lab…he knows what the deal is;  you’ll get jacked by a giant anaconda in the Amazon.

The weather was foggy but  it was way too real !! now some wonder what I’m on.

They see me making moves..disputes arise like Putin vs Prince Charles…it’s hard to see in the smoke and mirrors.

Fake ones like Donald Sterling show and prove how they really are;  they’re collaborators in the ongoing reign of terror.

O-Dizzle cuts up the breaks on the ones and twos while this good word is dropped.

What’s the  dizzle?   these weather forecasters didn’t mention the rain and fog in their reports..was it a coverup  like Benghazi per the Republicans? the madness hasn’t stopped.

What’s the dizzle? we hip hopped, dropped funk and jazz, typed up this good word and threw it out into the universe..

What’s the dizzle? we arrived at our destination even though the weather was  foggy..who knows? we might reverse the curse..


Author: omanxl1

just a brotha dabbling in music, sports, politics and other spices of life...

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