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Monthly Archives: May 2014

It’s going down!!  were trying to lay it down like Lebron James!! but I see folks are trying to play me the other way.

The saga / struggle continues!!  it’s easy to get caught up in these games!! that’s what I told big homie!  but some act like they don’t know me!!  like I just got here the other day.

I admit ….I did play things another way!!  that’s why society blames my types for the ongoing madness ..even saying we underachieve like Marvin Lewis in Cincinnati..but we’re just  trying to keep a positive attitude in a negative environment.

But I come with it!!  this breakbeat science!!  acting like I knew this…putting it down from Pluto to Mars..from  Cincinnati to the ATL..dropping this good word..we have a story to tell!!  it’s a tool for empowerment.

Some fake it when they “holla at me”… they didn’t have the power for it like Snap.. so they’ll just cut their losses.

Some take it until the light comes on… hopefully not at the last hour!!  until then?  they’re like Jesus bearing crosses.

Jokers play me the other way!!  but check this thesis….coin tosses won’t determine my fate.

Jokers play me the other way!!  they said it’s all love!!  so why do I feel the hate?

I heard what was said…the debate didn’t interest was just a bunch of harsh rhetoric…

I heard what was said….now shows will get cancelled like Arsenio’s ..check the scenario..the pundit or expert sounded pathetic..

I heard what was said…these mathematics will be the rebuttal when jokers were playing me the other way…

I heard others were misled…waiting in the dark….check the win win situation per Donald Sterling and Steve did they work things? check the balmy weather…it goes down on any day..


Digital Crate Digging Continues…watching some Dave Chappelle reruns on WGN…none other than the GZA was showcased..dropping science…fast forward a few days!! I run across GZA – Liquid Swords (Full Album)….listen up people..listen up!! Wu is in the house!! Check out the the playlist and the album..

GZA – Liquid Swords (Full Album)

0:00 – Liquid Swords (feat. RZA)
4:31 – Duel of the iron mic (feat. Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Ispectah Deck & Masta Killa)
8:36 – Living in the world today (feat. RZA & Method Man)
13:00 – Gold (feat. Method Man)
16:59 – Cold world (feat. RZA)
22:29 – Labels (feat. RZA)
25:24 – 4th Chamber (feat. Ghostface Killah & Killah Priest)
30:01 – Shadowboxin’ (feat. Method Man)
33:29 – Hells Killa Hills 10304 (feat. RZA & Ol’ Dirty Bastard)
38:40 – Investigative Reports (feat. Raekwon & Ghostface Killah and U-God)
42:29 – Swordsman
45:50 – I gotcha back (feat. RZA)
50:51 – B.I.B.L.E. (feat. Killah Priest)


Digital Crate Digging Continues..checking out vibes player Freddie McCoy ‎–with a funky track called Funk Drops..from his album of the same name. I had one his tracks earlier…his version of the Beatles And I Love Her..

Check out the players and the track…..


I’m all up in the spot!! doing what I what it do?  parking lot pimping is the strategy.

Parked behind the Mazda with Missouri tags from the show me state;  reflecting my attitude.. I heard what was said…but show me is my strategy.

Drama goes down like US / China jokers act like they’re not sure about me !! they show me hate when they “holla at me”

Wannabe power brokers were acting shady…they’ll even blow your cover like the White House; they even threw a dollar at me.

Others were like Nathan Shady Deal and healthcare in Georgia….faking the funk!!  acting like they knew what it do..they even talk a good game.

ATLiens were faking!! they weren’t real!! they were like so called Boko Haram revolutionaries… or like TI vs Floyd Mayweather..they said they were getting crunk!!  saying they had a good game.

But it was the hood game !! church vans were stolen to use in the smash and grab!! they snatched up the Virgin Remy.

What’s good?  now they’re back in the lab trying to seduce a virgin with the Remy….

…. Martin;  meanwhile what are we starting?  a Quiet Riot like the rock group.

Circumstances were debatable;  being built or torn down?  actually a little bit of both..from the latest episode?  were trying to regroup.

Paying the price…now trying to recoup overpayments,  surcharges and penalties.

…paid to those who were faking the funk;  during arraignments we found out they weren’t large and in charge!!  God is!!  so we deal with the technical difficulties.


Digital Crate Digging Continues…in a Sunday Jazz mood..checking out Chuck Mangione – with his track called Sweet Butterfly…check out the players and the track…

Acoustic Guitar – Mark Manetta Bass – Gordon Johnson Drums – Joe Bonadio Electric Guitar – Rob Mathes Flugelhorn – Chuck Mangione Flute – Chris Vadala Keyboards – Chuck Mangione Percussion – Billy Martin Synthesizer – Thom Bell


Damn!!  I hate to be like this!!  but this is what it’s come down to.

I keep question marks over their heads!!  like Boko Haram the moves I make are mysterious!!  but I will bring the drum through.

What’s up with it? I’m on a Magical Mystery Tour like the Beatles….but hip to what the street does..that’s what’s up man!!

Things were tragic!!  check history for danger zone type business!! but  some still won’t understand.

They’ll blow your cover like the CIA official in Afghanistan…that’s what’s up man!! so I let them go on about their business…I let the hustlers hustle and the players play.

This puts question marks over their head like in the Sunday Comics!!  they wonder how I’m going  to play.

Please!!  the funky music will play plus this good word is dropped!!  these brothas cosmic slopped.

Intergalactic with it like the Camelopardalid meteor shower ..some don’t know how to deal with it!!   we found chairs when the music stopped.

Plus the muse never stopped!!  there’s always something there to remind me like that pop song.

Plus I’m amused at the question marks over jokers heads as I spot the wise and otherwise ..Pops wasn’t wrong!

Stop thinking I wasn’t strong like Maywearther concerning TI….they might need to put the question mark back  over their  head..

Stop blinking when staring into the eye of the tiger!! meanwhile I enjoy the May weather sitting outback on my deck..others were waiting in the dark..misled…


Sunday Jazz Continues…listening to some jazz flavored house music in the mix ..from a DJ set by Ron Trent @ Dommune, Tokyo…..check out the playlist…or what’s know of it and this nice mix…

[00] ?
[02] Ron Trent – Work Your Body [Future Vision – FVRCD 03]
[08] Anane – Bem Ma Mi (Lou2Chris Remix) [Nervous]
[14] ?
[15] DJ Said – Mind The Gap (Main Mix) [Fatsouls – FSREV 001]
[19] Musaria Feat. Saturna – Moment (Atjazz Re-Fix) [Atjazz – ARC-029-SD]
[25] Jill Scott – Spring Summer Feeling (Ron Trent Mix)

[38] Kerri Chandler – Intro
[40] Sister Sledge – Lost In Music (Nile Rogers And Bernard Edwards Mix)

[50] Ron Trent – We’re Gonna Rock (Album Edit) [Future Vision – FVRCD 03]
[55] ?

[69] Ron Trent – Sex Games [Future Vision – FVR 017]
[79] ?

The weather was foggy when I wrote this.. it reminded me of the bigger picture.

Whatever is how this Captain’s Log will be!! like the Royal Thai Army taking over in Thailand..the smoke was enhanced by a mirror.

Whatever said the ATLien!!  he was macking!!  gorilla pimping with the horror and terror..he said its rough out here per Hustle and Flow.

He’s preaching to the choir as I watch the shot clock expire per Landon the game over like McNabb, Donovan? this hustler already knows.

Oh yeah!!  this brotha is chilling out in the lab…he knows what the deal is;  you’ll get jacked by a giant anaconda in the Amazon.

The weather was foggy but  it was way too real !! now some wonder what I’m on.

They see me making moves..disputes arise like Putin vs Prince Charles…it’s hard to see in the smoke and mirrors.

Fake ones like Donald Sterling show and prove how they really are;  they’re collaborators in the ongoing reign of terror.

O-Dizzle cuts up the breaks on the ones and twos while this good word is dropped.

What’s the  dizzle?   these weather forecasters didn’t mention the rain and fog in their reports..was it a coverup  like Benghazi per the Republicans? the madness hasn’t stopped.

What’s the dizzle? we hip hopped, dropped funk and jazz, typed up this good word and threw it out into the universe..

What’s the dizzle? we arrived at our destination even though the weather was  foggy..who knows? we might reverse the curse..


Digital Crate Digging Continues…checking out some jazz / funk / disco from the Hudson they take a Trip To Your Mind…

Digital Crate Digging Continues…checking out the PANDA ELECTRO MIX SHOW   with their NEW Electro House May 2014 Mix (ft. Subshock)….check out the playlist and the mix..

✖ Tracklisting ✖
00:00 – Subshock – Turn Up The Bass
03:30 – Subshock – Just Some Samples
07:00 – Subshock – Lethal Industry
10:30 – Subshock & Voltage – On Time
14:00 – Subshock – Evolve
17:30 – Subshock – Back Up VIP
21:00 – Subshock – Gold Diggers
24:30 – Subshock feat. The Score- Fire
28:00 – Subshock – Bounce
31:30 – Subshock & Voltage – Hardcore House Motherf*cker
35:00 – Voltage – War Drum (Subshock Official Remix)
38:30 – Sushock- The Hard Way