Taking Off The Wrapper PT.5

Dealt with this concept earlier..like Donald Sterling talking that talk… these peeps are still acting brand new.

What’s up with it? it seems like we’re in a Twilight Zone per Rod Serling..but it’s Saturday..so O-Zone is swerving down I-20 in Atlanta..acting like he knew..

What’s up with it? what it do? it’s like some took the wrapper off..meanwhile we use this math to go off !! teaching some a lesson with the Sonic Blackjack…some folk don’t have a clue.

Debatable circumstances have some feeling like they’re being built or torn down..what’s really going on? like Chamillionaire vs  Michael Jordan, who took the wrapper off? who’s acting brand new?

What it do? down here in the ATL? sideways glances were peeped out;  jokers look like they want to slap off my Louisville Cardinals hat!!  like they’re mad because I didn’t go along with the program.

O-Dizzle makes advances…not missing free throws like Patrick Patterson and John Wall..Universtity of Kentucky  not looking too good!!  but what’s up with me?   dropping the brand new funk!!  O-Dizzle wasn’t into the slow jam.

..dropping this intergalactic funk..O-Dizzle too hood? too futuristic?  that’s what he was told..but he refused to resign like South Korea’s prime minister because of the ferry boat disaster..

Hip hopping, jazzing it up and housing it..the by product from the attack zone!! check the sonic assault from the minister of defense..rising up ..we’re on the brink of disaster..

O-Zone is not acting brand new ya…this is no reality show man even though I’m in the ATL.

Danger zone business is conducted like were in the Ukraine mane!!  jokers were acting brand new like they took the wrapper off..they want to see a bruh fail.

What’s going on? a snitch will run and tell that …now the block is hot per Lil Wayne..

What’s going on? somebody took the wrapper off..the masses fell for that..meanwhile I’m trying to maintain…


Author: omanxl1

just a brotha dabbling in music, sports, politics and other spices of life...

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