We’re Still Breakbeat Scientific With It

We’re breakbeat scientific with it…what’s the deal with it? this is the declaration page.

…of the insurance policy…like Russia in Ukraine trying to re-unite the Soviet Union? ..we’re making sure we expose the fallacy… check out this Declaration of Independence as we engage.

We’re trying to maintain…our hearts, minds, souls and spirits  are rebuking demerits issued;  the interference is dealt with.

We’re trying to maintain…going hard for mine!!  clearance rack epiphanies and the brand new funk are weapons used;  were real with it.

No pain no gain was heard in the blues song by Betty Wright….mentors told us we need to get it right…so we study to show ourselves approved…

That’s per  2 Timothy 2:15…. what does it all mean? we get breakbeat scientific with it…but some interfere with it…ear shattering gunshots exploded…the crowd moved…

The situation is out of control…some see how we’re trying to roll…we’re trying to dip out of the Babylon wilderness…

Some see how were trying to roll…the I-65 / I-75 Chronicles explain it at the Sonic Assault after hell was caught…we had to go back to the source..where the real is…

Now were back on course unlike Flight 370 from Malaysia was..now searchers are looking for pings…

Now were back on course.. …of course O-Dizzle tries to get it right as the funk plays and O-Zone drops this good word..the website? a bruh pings…

Scorpion stings during the Cardinal Grand Cross of  April 2014 determine the ways and means..plus the Battle Cry is heard..Lord Help Lord Help!!

Not aborting missions..Sunday evening? cruising down I-75 in Kentucky as the Beatles played on the radio…Let it Be and …plus George Harrison sung My Sweet Lord…now that’ll help…



Author: omanxl1

just a brotha dabbling in music, sports, politics and other spices of life...

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