A Wind Advisory Was Issued..But That Could Be A Good Thing

Winds of change are blowing….like no justice no peace?. …check the catch phrase / cliché.

Actually?  it’s not strange…weather forecasters issued a wind advisory for Atlanta  yesterday!

Actually?  it’s not strange…that could be a good thing..some fresh air would help..the atmosphere is toxic

Reality checks are cashed out here in the danger zone!! like Kim Jong-Un flexing..soon  karma catches up with those that swagged , fronted , and flaunted!

Check me out…now..earlier they weren’t checking for this brotha;  I mentioned that  before.. that could be a good thing!

Winds of change are blowing..good!! they can miss me with all that chaos and confusion..now that’ll be a good thing!

It’s not strange..at the end of the day they’ll see this is a hood thing..I’m back on default settings.

Louisville / Newburg is the mode …per Russia rolling up on the Ukraine it’s not my fault history is repeating!

The staff or cartel meeting was held in a secret location…now we’ll feel the pain.. soon we’re bearing witness to the agenda!

This math we dropped is a hood / street thing..it’s real authentic;  it’s hard for some to deal with this!!  word to a pretender..

Check the path we take…diplomatic immunity is exercised..packages were returned to sender..were they found by French satellite out in the Indian Ocean per Malaysia Flight 370?

Check the wrath from the fake…the debris field is littered with weapons they formed to work against us..winds of change blew them away…they didn’t listen to the wind advisory…word from Ginger Zee…now so called powers that be walk around gingerly..in the details is where the devil will be…


Author: omanxl1

just a brotha dabbling in music, sports, politics and other spices of life...

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