The Reign Began With A Drizzle / Is It Reigning All Over The World?

We’re all up in the spot;  its like Russia rolling up on Ukraine..the reign began with a drizzle!

Were all up in the spot;  avoiding Unions like Soviets  putting together the puzzle!

Plans fizzle….parades get rained on per Brook Benton..A Rainy Night In Gerogia?

…actually its a rainy day too…as thought and police act brand new with them!! per Oscar Grant and even Jordan Davis and Trayvon Martin?  hustles get knocked from the Bay Area to Florida!

Whats the dizzle? Sonic Assaults  were paying the prices for freedom!! but  oh yeah!!  it comes at a cost!

Random thoughts and breakbeats are weapons used…let the healing process begin..we refuse  to take a loss.

The reign began with a drizzle;I wasn’t at Outback but like the steaks I had on the grill during Outback Chronicle episodes? we’ll sizzle…but it’s a cold world… soon there was a polar vortex!

Maintaining; please!!  I had to hunt for shelter!! life is a marathon..I kept running.. I found a portal to slide through….a vortex!

….knowing what the sport will do…its complex!!  word from a veteran in the game!

…now coaching or running things like Phil Jackson… as we go there…on into hostile territories …were encroaching? please!!  it’s about enlarging ….now some are charging it to the game!

The reign began with a drizzle; now some want to fly us off course like Flight 370 out of Malaysia…

The reign began with a drizzle; is it reigning all over the world..after the drama unfurled? let the healing process begin…any Balm in Gilead..or anesthesia?




Author: omanxl1

just a brotha dabbling in music, sports, politics and other spices of life...

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