All Hands On Deck..Due To The Hot Mess / Hazardous Material

They said its a state of emergency!! it was  like Russia rolling up on the Ukraine!!  now its AHOD!

AKA All hands on deck is the catch phrase!!  I even felt the pressure!!  its hard to be at ease!

Whats up?  please!! I’m back in the lab working on material some consider hazardous..its  after chilling out outback on the deck…and that’s after I-20 escapades!

I’m not through dealing out here!! check the sonic smash and grab..a brotha is out here swinging the Sonic Blackjack;  battling the information overload!! checked the’s  nothing but charades!

I’m not through dealing!!  check the transformation..but  still in street and discrete modes..check the facades..its going down like this!

I’m not through dealing!!  others were sick!!  they didn’t back away from the buffet on these cruise ships!

Now some are losing it!! others sick with it / slick with it like Chris Chrsitie and Nathan Shady Deal..

Now some are choosing it!!..the assignment!! ..they received orders..all hands on deck!! ..but I was hip to the shady deal…

Now some are abusing it..the power granted to them…check the hot a brotha like me will have to clean it up…

Now some are abusing it…the power granted to them..the masses? they’ll stress!! some were in denial..mesmerized by the Sun In Pisces..some were in La La Land or even Mamby Pamby Land .they’ll dream it up…

My time for observing the scene was up…now I’m ready to roll.. I’m on my way…

What we have is spiritual…but  naysayers say its hazardous material when the O-Dog funk plays…



Author: omanxl1

just a brotha dabbling in music, sports, politics and other spices of life...

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