GQ Podcast : Multi-Genre Mix & The Noisy Freaks Guest Mix [Ep.124]

Digital Crate Digging Continues..checking out this GQ Podcast : with their Multi-Genre Mix & The Noisy Freaks Guest Mix [Ep.124]…check out the playlist and the mixes..

00:00 Astronaut – Rain (Centron Remix) [Monstercat/Disciple]
01:37 The Crystal Method – Over It (Bixel Boys Remix) [Free DL]
04:09 Yanntek – Moving On (Au5 Remix) [High Intensity]
06:11 501 – Inside The Machine [Never Say Die]
08:46 Favright – Funcats [Free DL]
13:09 Meta – Fringe Disco [Free DL]

19:23 The Noisy Freaks – Love Robot [Tasty]
22:34 Dads On Display – Do You Disco
25:09 Branx – Smoove Operator
27:04 The Noisy Freaks – Funky Kids [Tasty]
28:40 David Orton – Let’s Talk [Plasmapool]
30:15 The Noisy Freaks – Straight Life [Tasty]
33:30 Kill Paris – To A New Earth [OWSLA]
34:36The Noisy Freaks – French Club [Tasty]
37:31 Centron – Funk Me [Disciple]
40:25 Cash Cash – Overtime [Big Beat]
42:41 Lemaître – Steady State
44:25 Louis La Roche – Malfunction [Ever After]


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