Soaking Up Game / The WordPress Edition

Here we go again..reflecting / inspecting…soon deflecting passes like I was playing defense..

Here we go again…soaking up game like players in the street were talking about…either your with it or not..there’s no sitting on the fence…

Check out the debatable circumstances on Super Bowl weekend…being built or torn down? your a superstar one thing you know your in a stupor….

Check out how the system will hate on a bruh per Major Reed in Atlanta…some don’t understand the whole picture…so they act brand new with ya…

I wasn’t trying to debate with ya…it is what it is…who’ll understand the whole scripture? plus like James Brown mentioned…O-Dizzle will  take it to the bridge...

I wasn’t trying to debate ya..but I noticed the reign began with a drizzle…now opposition is met like with Chris Christie and his peeps shutting down lanes on the bridge..

O-Zone maintains…dropping knowledge plus this brand new funk..please!! these brothas will rock…

Danger zone pain is dealt with..we acknowledge that “it ain’t nothing nice”…the saga / struggle continues..we stay on trial like Amanda Knox

Danger zone pain is dealt with..situations erupt like volcanoes in Sumatra..the apparatus knocks the hustle…but at the end of the day? we prevail…

Somebody might have felt it..I did it my way like Frank Sinatra..but these naysayers “holla atcha”…they were hoping that we fail..

But we sail off into the universe like we were on SpaceShip Two..even though China wouldn’t let their citizens on…

We use a beat and a verse to get breakbeat it might be hard to find a bruh..we kept on running….life is a marathon….


Author: omanxl1

just a brotha dabbling in music, sports, politics and other spices of life...

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