Were We Being Built Or Torn Down?

Somebody might know what I’m talking about per Richard Pryor!

Wondering Which Way Is Up!! check the NYC stop and frisk from cops that are corrupt! we hope you didn’t have priors!

I’m wandering through Babylon!! slick tires on the hooptie, it’s leaking oil and  I’m down to a quarter of a tank of gas!

But I’m wondering;  am I being built or torn down?  because God will continue to bless!

…Plus the  odd will continue to stress  like the Russian terrorist crackdown per the Winter Olympics; please!! they’re even looking for the Black Widow!! you should know these devils advocates stay busy!

Circumstances are debatable..check the dynamics;  are we being  built or torn down?  some try to maintain their  lofty position…but I’m trying to be easy!

….Per Sunday Morning per the Commodores..as I dip through these portals or doors!!  some wonder what I’m on!

Some are in mourning after finding about how the sport goes!! its complex! but like The Doors?  were Riders Of The Storm!

Like Alonzo Mourning I exercise power like a forward  or  center all up in the game!

Whatcha know?  its hard to move forward!!  being built or torn down?  …when were caught up in the game?

It’s all game!  I mentioned that the sport is complex!! check the circumstance!

Being built or torn down? they said it  got hot due to global warming!!  but check  out the polar vortex or debatable circumstance!


Author: omanxl1

just a brotha dabbling in music, sports, politics and other spices of life...

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