“Flight Time” (A Soulful House Music Mix) by DJ Spivey

Digital Crate Digging Continues…checking out some of this smooth house music ..

We’re listening to “Flight Time” (A Soulful House Music Mix) by DJ Spivey….check out the playlist and the mix….
0:00:00 Airport Gate Lounge by Essential Sound Effects
0:00:39 Higher Love by Chieko Kinbara feat. Josh Milan
0:07:41 Soul Saviour by Nina Provencal
0:13:51 U Are by DJ Garphie
0:20:24 Live On (Mark Grant Mix) by Wookie
0:26:29 You Turn Me Around (instr.) by Nature Love
0:33:09 More Vox by Samba & Ronilo
0:39:13 Still Water by Rocco feat. Khesny
0:45:21 Amazing by Manchildblack
0:52:30 New Beginning (Instr.) by Lem Springsteen
0:58:32 Count On Me by Wipe The Needle & CT Martin
1:05:31 Fly (Reel People Mix) by Tony Momrelle
1:11:30 Falling For You by Rocco feat. Ziyon
1:17:40 Hear The Sound (Louie Vega Mix) by Victor Davies
1:26:10 That Girl (Cuebur Remix) by Calvin Fallo
1:33:30 What’s On Your Mind by Jimmy Abner

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