Clearance Rack Epiphanies; The End Of The Year Sale..

2013 comes to a close….check these clearance rack epiphanies …just in time for the end of the year..

Knowing the devil will oppose…word from the old school Baptist preacher…told me he was trying to reach ya…he said have no fear!!

Check the prose..not an old fool approaching the fire baptism…that’s not how I’m living!! I had to pump brakes!! tires screech in the old hooptie!! now I steer it to a safe haven safe harbor!!

Please!! roses smell like poo poo per OutKast!!   please!! in South Sudan the lights go out fast!!   check the interference…jokers were even trying to start with this bro!!

2014? we go for what we know…the podcast will blast as we do what we do man!! trying not to get suspended like Andrew Bynum..

Everything is not working….just like the GOP will blast Obamacare…the alternative?  it’ll be a reign of terror..during the smoke and mirrors? they’ll tell you there’s nothing to worry about!! but like Pops always said..somebody is lying!!

Everything is not somebody is crying…from the Central African Republic to over in Syria…Aleppo…whatcha know?

Somebody is flying over the madness taking mystic voyages and journeys…lessons? we had to learn these…now we let you know..

Had to admit..we crashed and burned..limped out of the debris field..once stuck like that ship in the Antarctic

Reality checks are cashed after the lessons were learned!!  dealing with these  gamblers out for a fast buck!!……now catching up on our pimping…where did we park it?

…the hooptie aka the mothership..we’re stuck down here on earth…as a brotha gets scientific…after I went to the clearance rack;  now check out these epiphanies..

Whats up with it?  whats it all worth? pennies for my thoughts? what’s the deal with these?


Author: omanxl1

just a brotha dabbling in music, sports, politics and other spices of life...

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