Please!! Nobody Is Waiting On You!!

Time keeps on slipping slipping!! into the future!!  that’s per Steve Miller!

O-Zone keeps dipping on them..I was way way out there!! .staying a step or two ahead… please!!  jokers act brand new with ya!!  like  they don’t feel ya!

Please!! nobody is waiting for you!! unless its the Carolina Panthers looking for revenge against New Orleans…anyway; … I can see  how these people play..they’re already dealing with something!

Nobody is hating on you? what?  please!!  jokers don’t understand us..the drama can jump off like its South Sudan…in Babylon?  there’s always something!

Nobody is debating you? what?  please!!  in this zone the truth is disputed!! plus check the deliberate falsehood!

Nobody is related to you after the caper goes  down!! peeping game will provide proof… some are acting false in the hood!

….Telling you its all good!!  next thing you know the drama jumps off and somebody is leaking body fluids!

….Telling you its all good!!  that’s what it do while they’re hanging out with Philistines and the Druids!

The Blackbyrds Do It Fluid is the strategy followed….meanwhile I’m doing what I do!

Good words are dropped…along with the funk..back in the day? ATLiens got crunk…they went on with their bad selves!!  nobody was waiting for you!!  act like you knew!

…Or soon having a clue…after endeavors are stopped…jokers went on with their bad selves!! …some blamed it on the the Full Moon that’s outside…it was on the Gemini- Sagittarius axis…

What it do? everybody is dealing with something!…so nobody was waiting on you…unless you wanted to have a pity party…misery loves company..some have a knack for this…





Author: omanxl1

just a brotha dabbling in music, sports, politics and other spices of life...

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